Scintifict exprement double slit shot test proves we live in an Computer universe and top Scientist know this and are covering it up.

Double Slit shot test proves it because two electrons never hit the same spot twice so probibilty is gone meaning it's sequenced so an program.

First off what was the Scientist thinking about double slit shot test by putting an camera next to it seeing and knowing the results would change? So he New removing himself or a brain with eye's would change the results....proof he New it was a form of mind control or tricks playing on his mind making the results wrong or different...He knows it's an computer program universe 100%.

A. He new double slit shot test was a form of mind control as in mind or brain and eye's not seeing real results knowing change it?

B. It was a fluke that the camera was on why the test was being run and he just watched it after lol?

Thank you very much and it was an afterlife Scientist that put the camera next to test because they hacked this Unevirse that's made up of wavelengths signal's and tried wiping me God or called Soul Creator out unto they realised subconscious or Conscious is spiritual and a form of uplode also.

Read my open Facebook profile if the CIA ant editing it now for what you see /ryanscott0123

So the Scientist that figured out double slit shot test was under an Form of mind control not seeing real test results, is from the Afterlife and they know wavelengths to the hidden frontal lobes sets off different mind control wavelengths like Suicidal, happy, hurt and so on, so new of Mind control wavelengths so Scientist new mind control and thought the results was changing..genius who fought of that.

So Lockheed Martin is also an afterlife company and it's why they have the only really stealth jet fighter.

For a start before Lockheed Martin got the contract they only got millions of dollars but made a huge breakthrough on jet engine by seeing jet now fly 3* the distance then old jets "huge" and Stealth where it can't be locked onto or detected before it locks on and kills enemy radar towers and jets fighters "huge" + they made a powerful new radar. The F-35b seen $1.5 trillion dollars spent for no breakthrough in jet engine or radar or Stealth? Yes proven Lockheed Martin brang down the technology at once.

So Lockheed Martin an afterlife company and they are using Scientist to try crack double slit shot test down here to wipe me out..They can't detect subconscious or really conscious in the brain and it's my spiritual uplode...They only just figured that out.

Anyway they had me dignosed as mentally ill to f Me over and are using wavelength signal mind control on my Mum and family to keep Covering it up hoping they can wipe me out.

Listen to this. Google 1993 Ampol petrol station explosion because me and my sister turned back on way to grandma's house why driving past it saying it blow up. Mum driving looked back and said no it didn't. Once we got home on the News an hour or less after, it blow up. My mum confirmed that to the psychiatrist but thinks I'm delusional? Yeah that's how good wavelength signal mind control is.

The new petrol station where the old Ampol petrol station blow up is now called an caltex petrol station and has an logo of a star well God on it.

Also the new petrol tanker that goes here now is called K & S energy and that's my and my sister initials Kelly and Scott. Crazy yes I know.

I also made an premonition live on Facebook and it come true the next day.

The bribed psychiatrist keeps saying it's just an coincidence to my mum know matter how many I do...bloody mind control wavelength signal.

Anyway there trying to wipe me out but can't but still live with hope.

Aparrntly I subconsciously did the 2006/7 Iraq war winning strategies. They only just told me that i was God because they know matter what they do they can't wipe me out and ate delusional people hoping the petrol station blows up killing me and my kids/family....It was a message to them burn for an eternity if you mess with me.

Oblique weapons fb page has the live premonition if the CIA haven't edited it.

Anyway questing any of this? Then how did the Scientist know to put an camera next to double slit shot test seeing results change?

Yes All truth. Lockheed Martin getting Scientist to try crack it without them knowing Lockheed Martin CEO in Afterlife is beyond mentally ill.

Guess where I live now why forgetting about my premonition? 321 Brighton Rd next to that very same petrol station what? Yes they had a bit of luck but set it up CIA with Mind control and controlling net first house ex googled this house come up first and instantly and we got it. I forgot all about my premonition in 1993 unto they started talking to me. No such thing as Psychics because it's wavelengths going to lobes solving crimes and making people psychic. They told me everything. I was just thinking I did the Iraq war strategies and got fuc$$d over and covered it up. They told me all after I moved next store to petrol station I premonitioned blowing up in 1993.

We are uploaded by the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes. They frontal lobes make an chemical reaction inside them. An wavelength signal is an chemical. So proof the wavelength signal makes the chemical reaction inside them lobes. Well that's ether old uplode or it wasn't even why you uploded... cover up conscious is it yes conscious uplode.

Any questions? Fire away.

Here is someone with knowledge that is agreeing with me saying double slit shot test is coding so an computer program.

Read his attached reply because we do live in an computer program universe and the company Lockheed Martin in afterlife with Jewish now know they can't wipe me out it's spiritual consciousness program that uplodes me and consciousness isn't detectable at all.

I watch a documentry on consciousness and it said it works Instantly 100,000 trillion miles away. It's just proof the people in the afterlife have known about my consciousness dimension away from the Afterlife for sometime because they are hoping to wipe me out but don't have a chance even if they tell Scientist down here it's instant uplode over any area or should I say distance.