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Thread: Time analysis: 7 aspects of 'Regular Time' + 4 aspects of 'Hypertime'

  1. #1 Time analysis: 7 aspects of 'Regular Time' + 4 aspects of 'Hypertime' 
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    Beginning with Albert Einstein, physicists refer to "the one dimension of time". Yet...

    There are 7 aspects of regular time: (1) past, (2) present, (3) future, (4) the beginning/Big Bang, (5) the end/Big Crunch (this universe's final entropy[?]), (6) the void/beyond expanding universe, (7) a constant/speed-of-light.

    There are 4 aspects of hypertime: (1) fast forward/time dilation (moving clocks run slower than stationary clocks and clocks run faster in less gravity), (2) reverse (tachyons, torsion waves, information/thought [quantum entanglement/non-locality] can travel faster-than-light; in another frame-of-reference, they are moving backwards in time (wormholes warp space), (3) stop time (photons and all electromagnetic waves traveling at the speed-of-light are in a domain where time stops in that reference point, and as the boundary/horizon of a black hole is approached, time slows down relative to that of distant observers, stopping completely on the boundary/horizon), (4) before the beginning and after the end (a supermassive black hole in another universe Big Banged [supermassive white hole] / gave birth to this universe which is one of an apparently infinite number of nonparallel-universes within The Conglomerate [multiverse]).

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    The posting and discussion of personal theories and ideas outside the framework of established physics is not permitted on this forum.

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