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Thread: Evaporating Black Holes and Violation of Unitary

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    Here's an easy read.

    Black Hole Information Loss
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    I like that link for its clarity. But now I'm left wondering why the "problem" is a problem? If the Hawking Radiation has randomness, then it still has information doesn't it?

    The article says:

    For instance, in our example we took a state described by a set of eigenvalues and coefficients, a large set of numbers, and transformed it into a state described by temperature, one number. All the other structure of the state was lost in the transformation.

    Because the black hole is only described by one number. But after it radiates Hawking Radiation to return to its previous mass, the Hawking Radiation would have information wouldn't it?

    I am confused. I'll keep reading and re reading and hope to clear it up for myself. But in the meantime if anyone has an explanation and feels like posting it, it would be much appreciated.
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