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Thread: Question about simulation world...

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    It's about the double slit experiment and what not.

    Here's a quote:
    "In this simulation example, everything that is behind you and your field of observation is not rendered -- is not "real" yet, until you turn and observe it."

    So the pope is not real right now I can't see him?
    I'm not an expert but the answer seems obvious which then obviously means that no we're not living in a simulation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redhalls View Post
    So the pope is not real right now I can't see him?
    It doesn't require you to observe him or for him to be constantly observed. It is sufficient that someone observed him at some time in history.
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    A tensor equation that is valid in any coordinate system is valid in every coordinate system.
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    In fact it takes even less than that. It's sufficient that he has interacted in a "non-reversible" way with something else in the universe. When I say "non-reversible" I mean statistically highly unlike that the results of the interaction can reverse, like he left his thumbprint on a silver goblet or the like.
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