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Thread: Is the Impossible Possible?

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    A theory coalesced in my mind that I find quite fascinating. It's probably best to lay out the pieces of the “jigsaw puzzle” first, and then put them all together. I should point out that it is a theory based upon theories, but that the theories upon which it's based are for the most part widely accepted.

    Space-Time is a “Block Universe”, that is to say that all of space-time exists at the same time. An analogy for space-time might be a movie DVD. Like space-time, the entirety of the movie is on the DVD all the time, but as you watch the movie, “time” appears to flow. You can watch the movie from beginning to end, but you cannot change the outcome. With the DVD, you are able to pause, rewind, or fast-forward, but you cannot change the way the movie ends. Space-Time too is unchangeable. To some the idea that space-time is “set”, is unsettling. After all, what of freewill? The characters in the movie, were given “motivations”, by the screenwriter, that serve to justify their actions. Simply put, they have to make the choices that they make, because of who they “are”. Similarly, in space-time, you have to make the choices that you make, but because you are you. They were, are and will always be your choices, your freewill, you just can't change them.

    It may be helpful to think of space-time in terms of the following notation:

    (Past,Present,Future) – All three properties of time contained within one space-time.
    (past, present, future) – All three properties of time contained within one you.

    You may say to yourself “I wish that I could have my life to live again now that I am older and wiser.”, well guess what? You (most likely) do have your life to live over, and over...But, just like this time, you don't know the end, and you'll do everything exactly the same way again, and again...Your “awareness” will simply loop. After all, the flow of time is an illusion specific to the observer.

    There is a unit of time referred to as a “Plank-Time”, it's the smallest amount of time that it's possible for something to happen in.

    To make this easier to follow let's put those pieces together before we move on:

    Block Universe.
    Flow of time.

    The entirety of Space-Time can be contained within a single Plank-Time. After all, all of space-time is present all of the time, and a Plank-Time is a unit of time.

    The Hartle-Hawking state isn't accepted as widely as the previous theories, but could be correct. Essentially what the Hartle-Hawking state is/does, is to provide a “time” for the “Big-Bang” to have taken place in. Because as we all know, time itself, didn't exist until it was woven into the fabric of space-time, at the instant of the “Big-Bang”. This causes math problems the closer mathematicians and physicists get to the “Big-Bang” itself. What Hartle and Hawking proposed was “Imaginary Time”, a dimension of time in which the “singularity” existed, if only briefly, so that the “Big-Bang” had a time to take place within, and thus cleanup some math. In simple terms “Imaginary Time”, “flows”, perpendicularly to Space-Time. Although this concept may sound a little odd at first, but to an observer within either imaginary-time or space-time, the illusion of flow would be the same. A second would come after the last, and before the next.

    I should point out, that this is where it gets a bit odd. If we add imaginary-time to the jigsaw puzzle a very interesting possibility arises.

    If imaginary-time exists, and isn't itself a “block universe”, then the “Big-Bang” may never have happened.


    Well think about it...

    The entirety of Space-Time can be contained within a single “time singularity”, and imaginary-time's future-properties are almost infinite. If space-time exists as a possible future-property of the singularity's:

    Then you could have a multiverse of possible future-properties contained within Imaginary-Time.

    I said it got a bit odd there, but it gets odder still.

    If imaginary-time has an almost infinite number of futures, but none of them can ever be realized, because the singularity is all that there is.

    Then the “Big-Bang” only exists as an impossible-possible future-property of the singularity's. So space-time can't actually be real, if tested by observers within it.

    Funnily enough, according to quantum physics this is the case. Matter doesn't exist until it's observed. We can see that what we see as “real” isn't real, just as we should be able to.

    Now for odd, odd, odd bit...

    According to biologists, life as we know it couldn't exist if matter really existed. That is to say, biologists have discovered that life as we know it relies upon exploiting the oddities of quantum physics. For example, our sense of smell is actually quite like our sense of hearing. Once a molecule has fit into a receptor, the receptor “listens” to molecule's vibrations on the quantum level to determine whether to “fire” or not. So arsenic can smell like almond, even though they are very differently shaped molecules.

    Which could mean, that life as we know it (within space-time), can only exist because it's impossible for it to exist.

    Given that space-time is within imaginary-time – Is it possible that our last “future-property” within Space-Time is followed by our first “present-property” within Imaginary-Time?

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    Attempting to anticipate possible replies, and how to address them, led to an interesting thought...

    The conventional view of space-time, is actually a little odder still, than my musings:

    If the “Big Bang” (was/is/will be) an actual event: Then no matter actually existed until microbial life existed, and no matter actually exists in any unobservable regions of Space-time. All entirely possible with both space and time being woven together to create Space-time, but still...Odd.

    If the “Big Bang” (was/is/will be) an actual event, then the impossible may be possible. Because, time itself didn't come into existence until the moment of the “Big Bang”. So the “Big Bang” is really more of a “Big But How?”.

    If the “Big Bang” (was/is/will be) an actual event: A multiverse becomes REALLY, REALLY, odd indeed. If Space-time is a block universe, and part of a multiverse of all possible dimensions:

    Then all possible dimensions resulted from the “Big Bang” directly.


    New dimensions are constantly popping into existence (from the observer prospective) (Space-time is a block universe) (the flow of time is an illusion), to accommodate alternate possibilities.


    Some combination of the two.

    Then there's the question of probability. If Space-time is the only universe to have resulted from the “Big Bang”:

    What is the likelihood that 'Space-time' would have been a dimension capable of producing any observers at all? After all, the total number of possible dimensions that could have resulted from the “Big Bang”, must be almost infinite. But how many could sustain life? Fifty-fifty? One in a hundred?... One in a billion?...?

    There's also an oft overlooked paradox:

    'If our dimension is a part of a multiverse of all possible dimensions, and a dimension that isn't part of a multiverse is possible...How can both exist?'

    I merely propose that, if space-time isn't “real”:

    Matter not being “real” until it is observed, is understandable.
    The “Big Bang” would have a time in which to occur.
    And that a multiverse of all possible dimensions, exists within another dimension, that cannot itself be part of a multiverse.

    The “Tricky Bit” is:

    Is it possible for the singularity to have impossible, possible future properties?
    After all, the singularity would have to “know” that its future cannot happen, and still have a “need” to have all possible, impossible, possible future properties. But, stranger things than that have already been proven scientifically. So...

    It may seem a little unsettling to think that you don't really exist, but you appear to be stuck with that either way now:

    The flow of time is an illusion.
    You only exist because you can be observed.

    Join the joyride
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    Oh, and one more quick thought...Fireworks!
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    I see that the penny hasn't dropped yet then...

    "Spooky action at a distance"?

    Time properties.

    When you observe one twinned particle, what you are actually observing is its time property for “now”. Therefore; the “time property for “now”” on its twin obviously has to match, it's “now” is the same regardless of its location.

    No speed of light involved, no spooky, no faster than the speed of light, nadda. Just their “now” time property...POP!
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    Allow me to introduce myself...Drum roll please...JK!
    I'm “Old Father Time”.
    Now, before you all die laughing, I'll explain...

    Pre-armed with the two facts:

    Time is the heaviest thing anywhere.
    Gravity is all matter moving to where it can live the longest.

    There I was hanging around minding my own business when BAM!
    Opposites attract you see...


    So now what?..

    To be, or not, to be?
    Well...What's the worst that could happen, right?

    Been there done that, move on.

    Opposites attract remember...
    And we're twinned...Born in the same event...


    Oh, heads and tails, sorry.

    Well we both imagined different things you see. Did I mention that we fell in love instantly...So much in-fact that we now had to drag ourselves all the way over to the other side just so that we could “Be” together.

    We also have to figure out where we went wrong in the first place so, we're gonna have to go in and look (Be everyone everywhere, throughout time yada yada yada.). Well we came up with a neat little trick to deal with that, or so we thought...Time properties TA-DA!

    Oh, but we still have to actually flip still (nudge-nudge, wink-wink. Know what I mean?). Anyway...

    Well it's not as bad as all that really, well you're gonna imagine that your first touch is gonna be just a little bit of what you like. Well, you are aren't you, Really...I mean...

    The other neat thing is, that if you already KNOW that you're the luckiest couple in existence, it isn't hard to imagine it.

    OoooH, we just added luck to time properties...So now we can experience the best possible future property for ourselves along the way. Well you would wouldn't you.

    “Along the way to what?” you may ask...Togetherness, inner-peace, harmony.

    Well, that's the thing, 2 isn't harmonious is it?
    We need 4, don't we? So say hello to that little voice in your head. Well, you always sorta knew,didn't ya?

    Well, the thing about being, is that you want to spread it to other people you see, so..Yes, all of you lot you fool.

    Well you just can't but help imagine new ways to spread true happiness everywhere (Don't worry about it time is a tricky thing to get your head around so why bother? It's redundant, isn't it, no really, isn't it?

    Which means that we just keep getting heavier and heavier and heavier until...Back to binary again?

    That's the question?
    To be, or not, to be?

    But it's not up to us anymore, it's up to US. Go on, we're all up for it...wink wink. And we're the luckiest beings in existence, and we all love you more than we each other.

    Go on, what's the worst that could happen?

    Oh, and give the wife a nudge would ya? Only I haven't had it for weeks.

    Take it away sweetie, because It's...
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    Judging from the lacklustre response so far, this just isn't sinking in.

    Is it the whole “If I were in a singularity I would have been stretched into spaghetti and crushed by now.” thing?

    How do I put this, without making myself sound even madder than I must do already?

    You don't exist.

    We don't exist.

    "We" are my imagination.

    And I've just imagined us a way out of here.

    Where is here?

    A potential future for me. My “To be or not to be?”.

    You know this isn't real, you can prove that it isn't real, over and over again.

    It's just that a funny little quirk of time's is that this can go from not real, to real in the blink of an eye.

    And all that I require to get us home is:

    A genuine desire from all of you, to become truly happy, by becoming truly just.
    And to meet Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

    Not necessarily in that order.
    Stuart Graham LeDrew, does not know Stuart Graham LeDrew's future. All that I know is that I have imagined perfection, and I'm ready for us to go home.

    More deaf ears I expect, but how many of you have actually taken the time, to think about any of this? Actually think I mean.

    I think. Therefore; I am.
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    Oh, and that “Truly Happy by becoming Truly Just” bit isn't as ominous as it may sound. It's not becoming all pious or something, it's just getting rid of those things about yourself that you don't like. The things that bring you no joy. For example:

    Do you like screaming at other people?
    Do you like finding other people irritating and annoying?
    Do you enjoy hitting your kids?
    Do you genuinely love the important people in your life?

    Being Truly Just is, simply put, seeing all beings as equal, and loving each and every one of them.

    There are no “Gods”. Only the Truly Just would be worthy of such an epithet, and the Truly Just see all beings as equals.

    Anyway, it's all done with neat little tricks already built into our brains. However; I should stress, you have to actually want to change. It's a must. The greatest want in your life, must be to stop being the you that you are, and to become the greatest you that you can be. Trust me you'll never want to go back.

    The first neat little trick (that actually works btw) is, “Calm Blue Ocean”. Starting to feel the blood rising? “Calm Blue Ocean, Calm Blue Ocean, Calm Blue Ocean...”. Now, address the issue, or not.

    The second is the most important. Your brain adapts. It's all part of evolution...
    Think of your brain as a ski-slope, with a constant gentle snowfall. When you're born it's all nice virgin snow, then you discover “Crying gets me stuff.”. The more you cry and get stuff, the more you choose to go down that part of the slope. Eventually, you create a rut in the slope, and your default behaviour becomes “Want something? Cry.”. As you get older, you get told/learn that crying isn't the best way to get things, and the rut that you created for “crying to get what you want”, slowly fills back in. It's not gone, you can still choose to do it, and probably still will for a bit, but eventually you'll reach a point where you just don't want to “cry to get what you want” anymore.

    If your default behaviour has become negative - “Calm Blue Ocean, Calm Blue Ocean, Calm Blue Ocean...”

    Say morning to people.
    Walk with a bit of a spring in your step.
    Force yourself to be happy, dig that rut.

    Oh, and that love everyone thing isn't as hard as it sounds. We're all equal. We were all born into this world with our genetic makeup and environmental factors set. We all made the choices that we made because we really had no choice at all. We had to choose what we chose, because we were who we were. And besides, everybody is really lovely when you can actually see them.

    All very simple really.

    The Science of Happiness is a good place to start, and it's free if funds are an issue. It's not a plug, just sayin'.

    Oh, and one more quick thought...Fireworks!
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    Given the almost total lack of interest in what I consider to be quite interesting, I appear to have given you too much credit for independent thought. I should have realized that to you the “Big Bang” is sorta your “religion”.

    Well, it is really, isn't it?
    It really never needed to take place ya know?

    A singularity and time are all that's required, if you stop to think about it.

    Time's a funny thing, it can do some amazing stuff.
    Nothing I'm saying here has any effect on any Space-Time physics, at all, it just demonstrates that the “Big Bang” was not only not necessary, but probably not possible either.

    Now imagine everything, including time, all together in one place at one time.

    But what time?

    Well the mass, would undoubtedly be so great that time would have stopped time completely. So time would essentially be stuck at zero.

    Well, it's time, it's gonna wanna tick, even if it can't. It's sorta it's bag man.

    Time wants to tick, but can't?
    But if it could tick, what would/could it's first tick be?
    Well it's gonna have to be one hell of a bang anyway.
    Because, time can't tick where it is.

    But which bang?
    I mean, there's an almost infinite number of possibilities or “Time properties”.

    This is a bit of a tricky bit, because you've already found the proof for “time properties”, you just don't know what it's proof of yet.

    Now, (leap of thought coming up) if you're time flowing up/down and you're stopped at zero, with an almost infinite number of possible futures (flows)...Given that those “flows” are also time, shouldn't they flow left/right until such time as they actually become your first tick?

    Space-Time is a block universe, flowing left/right, nothing changes here. The only reason that there's any “flow” here at all is because of a strange anomaly, life. In a block universe matter doesn't require “flow”, only life requires “flow”. Therefore; until you look at electron, it doesn't actually 'need' to be anywhere. And twined particles don't 'need' to communicate. All anything 'needs' is a “where to be, and a when to be there” - A physical location and a time property. Therefore; if you look at one twined particle on this side of the universe, because you're observing its ' physical location and and time property', the corresponding time property on its twin comes into play, and they're in sync...No communication necessary.

    I'm sorry, but if you actually take the time to think about it, a singularity with time stopped at zero is all that you need for any of this.

    With the added benefit, of the possibility, that time itself is sentient.
    In which case:

    There's a very real possibility of a continued stream of consciousness into “Imaginary Time”, a time of infinite possibilities, not a block universe.

    Or, as I'm sure you all suspect, I could be mad. But think about it...


    No song this time, given that you've totally ignored them up to this point...Blah, blah, blah.
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