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Thread: New way to see the universe

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    Hello All,
    I am working on a theory about the universe geometry and i like to share it. And to know your
    Thoughts about it.

    When i start thinking about this theory.
    I was starting with two old assumptions.
    The first assumption by Pythagoras that the universe is fully mathematical.
    The second assumption was by Immanuel Kant that said that the universe is with out time and space.
    Arthur Schopenhauer when read this Immanuel Kant philosophy said that, if the universe is without time or space then it have to be a one thing.

    The assumption that the universe is fully mathematical, i was thinking that i can take any of the known mathematical disciplines to create the universe, i decide to use fractal disciplines, with a "makeover" of dimensional analysis.

    i start with the equal sigh. the left side of the equal sigh i put the landscape of the universe, from the right side i put one.

    Next I decide to start with the size of Planck (h) and i add to it dimension like this: f (h)=h^k
    And this function will look like a spiral, When k ≠ 0.
    It was not enough to make a complex universe, so i had to add something more, but with the assumption that the universe is a one thing, all i can add is: whatever the universe is not. (-h /h^k)
    and the symbol h can be named: f(F)=F ⃗^k-(F ⃖ /F^k ), in a wider perspective.
    and you can named it like this: f(h)=h ⃗^k-(v ⃖ /v^k)
    or like this: f(E)=E ⃗^k-(m ⃖ /E^k)

    Now, I was thinking what can possibly be the size of k, and I assume that k =π. The meaning of π in this sense is “in all directions”. Moreover, π is a natural number. In addition, when you use the power operation, you actually create dimensions in fractal geometric. In this case, 3.141 dimensions or the roughness of a π.
    And for the last part when i was plugin the equation to the software(Xaos) i saw that there is only a amazing complexity only when the left size of the equation mast be positive 2,4,6,.....or ^2.


    same equation only in math : f(z)=(z^π)-(z/z^π)+(z^π)-(z/z^π)+....

    Last part was to check if the geometry of the outcome fractal, corespondent to the universe geometry.

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    and this is primordial solar system hd163296
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    Attachment 172187

    the inside of the fractal:
    Attachment 172188
    Attachment 172189

    and hd61005:
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    Attachment 172192
    Attachment 172194

    And much more....

    Thank you
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    How you put photo here ?
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