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    As I have posted numerous articles in the Personal/Alternatives Thread I wish to have post #1 in this thread to be a directory to the different threads which I have initiated. At present the situation is starting to become confusing.

    Others will probably find themselves in a similar position, so I welcome other individual or group directory thread post #1 initiatives here so that we do not have to hunt around too much for each other's data.

    This being the case, this post no #1 will be edited relatively frequently. Here on this thread I will try to avoid discussion about actual physical content & theory, but readers are more than welcome to criticize inadequacy in this directory with later postings on this thread, since I am trying to make their task easier.

    1. The Philosophy Behind Relativity and What is to Replace It

    2. The Hafele-Keating Experiments and Clock Rates

    3. Plasma Cosmology (the non-Einstein-Relativity version)

    4. Debunking SR Once and for All

    5. The Experiment of Fizeau (Einstein's Imposture presented in post #1)

    TFOLZO's Personal Theories (2 threads)

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