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    Since this thread is meant to be a primer on SR, the most interesting statement is:
    Doppler is something you have to calculate out separate from relativity. In both of the above scenarios special relativity would be adding an additional time dilation of its own on top of the Doppler Shift's "apparent" time dilation. (I maybe I should call it "pseudo" time dilation.)

    That's why it's best to simply ignore Doppler shift when doing thought experiments for Special Relativity. It adds one more confusing element that you simply don't need if you're still trying to understand the basic principle.
    The point is that in "the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" (OEMBS) Einstein makes these calculations without consideration of the Doppler Effect - treating the Doppler Effect only mathematically later on in the article. His procedure is illegitimate however, since the motions he has the observers undergo will necessarily subject the involved light beams to the Doppler Effect.

    All the supposed "wondrous things" that arise from SR actually arise from not considering the Doppler Effect i.e. the answer to the conundrum outlined by Einstein in OEMBS is a more detailed explanation of the nature of the light, NOT SR. In this way we abolish all the logical paradoxes of SR, all the nonsense about time dilation & length contraction (TD&LC).

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    MODERATOR NOTE : This does not belong into the SR primer thread - moved to Personal Theories.
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