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    Hello, my name is Nick and I am a physics major and research assistant for JILA at the university of colorado. I live in Boulder. I am simply interested in the conversations that take place in this thread. It seems like a great place to discuss current research projects taking place at other labs or perhaps random new theories and gain a massive number of insights of people I would normally never interact with.
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    Welcome to the forum. (There should be a law against people living in great places like Colorado, unless we all get to visit for free.)
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    Hi and welcome to the forum - interesting user name. I don't think I've been to Boulder, but I did live just a couple miles south of Colorado Springs for around 18 months. Could see Pike's peak just a few miles away from my bedroom window. Gosh, with Cheyenne mountain and the garden of the gods also there, I was always going into the mountains, and then just south was the Royal Gorge! Decent weather and incredible scenery.
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