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Thread: vacuum stability bound on higgs mass,

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    Hi I am trying to plot this graph 1 in, of the higgs mass versus in the MSSM model. The function that they plot I think is where (the formula is also given in the paper and wiki website).

    as given in the paper, book and:MSSM Higgs Mass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    and yet when I plot with the top quark mass of 170GEV I don't get the same result, I have estimated the value that they use and it is like 80GeV or something (much smaller and assuming they are using the same function to plot), can anyone explain why that would be the case?

    i.e when treating the SModel as an effective theory and using Vacuum stability to bound this cut-off or higgs mass, that one should use an alternative Top quark mass?
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    MODERATOR NOTE : Welcome to TPF, bliblar. The correct way to enter maths on this forum is to wrap the LaTeX code between TEX and /TEX tags ( both of these to be enclosed with angle brackets [] ); I have corrected your post for you so that it displays properly.
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