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Thread: Cold fusion - it works!

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    1. A little bit of history. In 1989 dr Stanley Pons and dr Martin Fleischmann discovered, that under special conditions, hydrogen / deuterium reacts with some metals like nickel or palladium and generates excess heat - completely free energy.
    However, later "experiments" were performed to "debunk" that discovery.
    Dr Eugene Mallove, who poited out the debunkers' frauds, was killed in his own appartment.

    2. Today, thanks to dr Peter Hagelstein and dr Mitchell Swartz from MIT it is proven that cold fusion actually works! During the debunkers' "experiments" only 80% hydrogen saturation was used, while 95% saturation is needed to see the excess heat effect.
    Please visit Cold Fusion Now for more info and lectures.
    The lectures alone: ColdFusionNow - YouTube
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    There has been too much misrepresentation about Cold Fusion, including evidence that Pons & Fleischmann concocted evidence of neutron production with a Geiger counter - even though, according to the theory, neutrons would not be produced in the numbers predicted.

    I had read that excess heat was very definitely produced but the reason for it was that it originated from the hydrogen saturated Palladium electrodes undergoing a crystalline reconfiguration [sic] into a more stable state.

    Until there is better evidence, Cold Fusion remains in the uncertain category.

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    1. Pons and Fleischmann did not run any control experiment using normal hydrogen in their system instead of heavy hydrogen. Without the extra neutron their experiment couldn't possibly yield fusion energy, so the control would be a perfect test of the reality of their results. A group of graduate students noticed this fact and tried the experiment with both types of hydrogen. The energy output in the two experiments were the same, so no fusion was involved. Pons and Fleischmann then actually tried the control experiment they should have run in the first place. Their only comment about the trial was that they didn't get the result they expected. One would have expected a more precise statement of the results, to say the least.

    2. I was at a conference on high-energy physics shortly after their results were announced. There were of course many knowledgeable experimentalists there, and all that I heard about were seriously skeptical. The best comment I heard was something like "If they had achieved that much cold fusion with the experimental apparatus they describe, they would all be dead from radiation exposure."

    There is at one way that might accomplish cold fusion, by making muonic H2 with heavy hydrogen. The problem is that you have to use more energy to make the muon than you get back from the cold fusion. Personally I feel that it is quite safe to ignore any possibility of getting useful energy from cold fusion.
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    Go easy Yar. Even in a low voltage electric arc some small fusion results. This is no reason to get excited.
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