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    I have learnt about super symmetry for some time but i have just one question,could the number of forces change as a result of formation of new bosons through supersymmetry
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    No, Elif. Although the number of particles is double, the number of forces remain the same: 3(Strong force, weak force and electromagnetic force); because there is no a quantum theory of gravity yet. Remember that SUSY also propose a quantization in space-time, but we do not have any evidence that supersymmetry exist. Moreover, there is a graph that relates the couplings constant of 3 forces with the energy scale. That graph in the perspective of SM do not converge, while in MSSM, the unification is achived.
    You can find more details here:
    QCD and the structure of matter and
    [hep-ph/0505105] Supersymmetry and the MSSM: An Elementary Introduction (Supersymmetry and the MSSM: An Elementary Introduction
    Ian J R Aitchison).
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