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Thread: Google is building a Quantum Computer

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    I recently have been researching Quantum Computing for an article I was writing. It's amazing how far along it has come. Google just recently hired Dr. Martinis from the University of California, Santa Barbara to help develop and working Quantum Computer. Google has been working with the DWave Two, but there is some controversy as to whether or not that is a fully quantum computer (it very likely is only quasi-quantum). This is a pretty cool development because there are all kinds of problems that could benefit from quantum computers. Problems that would take classical computers thousands of years. Just cool stuff.

    Google Leaps Into Quantum Computing
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    Very interesting. This could one day maybe take over the classic computer systems of today, but it is very much still in a development stage.
    It's scary because of stuff like NSA (and others) spying, and the security breaches which are already occurring more frequently. Computers were originally mostly developed to break or create codes - most notably in the world wars. Here is another interesting article on quantum computer development: Quantum Computers Still Aren't Faster Than Regular Old Computers | WIRED
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