mathematic/philosophy/cosmology/astrophysics/ a personal interest in trying to assemble the pieces of this incredible magical, fantastical, miraculous experience they call we know it on this incredible home we call Earth....all of the above are ancient tools/search engines used x our ancestors when their intelligence matched their is a wonderful story.....i think this initial search was seamlessly coupled with what we now would call "religion" i think their world automatically included/naturally accepted. acknowledged the existence of a supreme being/source ..personally, science is just another word for the objective application of answers about our universe....undetermined. unexplained, uncertainty, undiscovered still, to me, is the prevailing condition in modern science..we have barely begun to discover the possibilities that have yet to unfold..........they lay dormant due to negative human elements that have historically hampered.blocked,negated,dismissed,disregarded,sup pressed, the true nature of the human spirit. the question i present, after i have discovered that time is not absolute, is, what time is it in the Andromeda Galaxy ( M31) ????