Hello Guys,
I have a problem with a equation about a roller coaster. I'm doing research for replacing the electric powered launch. They want to replace it with hydraulic, pneumatic or steam powered launch. Also now is the launch straight forward but they want to add a hill into it so it looks like you will be launched into the air like a rocket.

Now my question is how do I solve this problem?
I got a tip from my teacher that I have to look to the Impuls theorum but I can't find a similar problem anywhere like this so I'm a little stuck so I really need your help.

The data:
Mass train: 22720 kilograms.
Velocity train end: 100 kilometers/ hour
Height hill: 35 meters
Angle hill: 30 degrees
I need the force that is needed to pull the train over the hill with the speed of 100 km/hour.

The picture is added as supplement.
Thanks and hopefully you can help me further.

Greetings Lesly Spronck
Student Mechanical Engineering