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Thread: Simple Machines Problem

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    The Problem:

    You (and you alone) have to load a 40kg mass, a distance of 1.2m (vertically), into the back of a ute using the guidelines above to the letter (lifting a max of 16kg). (Regardless of how much you think you can lift). Given these guidelines you will need to use a form of mechanical assistance.

    Your Task:

    Using what you research and learn about simple machines, develop/design small scale experiments to simulate this situation. You will need to come up with two (use two different simple machines) ways to move this load into the ute. Keeping in mind the maximum force you are ‘allowed’ to apply and then the force ‘required’ to move the load.

    p.s. I'm new to the forum and am wondering what everyone would do in this situation? I know what I would do!
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    What is the criteria for the best solution.
    There are many possible answers, all which could get the job completed.
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