Hello! I am new here. My name is..err..my username :P

Well, I am in a dilemma. To start...I am 19 years old. I am from India. That's my introduction,I guess? :P

I want to study B.Sc in Physics. I always wanted to be a researcher and professor. But all my friends..(back in India most students with Science in their high school aspire to be an Engineer) are studying Engineering.I was interested too. But not as much as Physics and Maths. I hate chemistry..(actually only the organic part. I LOVE physical chemistry).I was probably swayed and tried an attempt at Engineering. Failed(no surprises there :P)

So...my question to the learned people of this forum are as follows..
1)After a B.Sc..and suppose I get tired and realize it's not for me..can I come back to an M.tech? Because a man needs money to feed :P Like..a B.Sc and then a M.Sc or M.Tech? Can I do a B.Tech after M.Sc too?
2) Suppose after B.Sc...can I do a Major in Physics and a minor in Engineering?
3) Scopes with M.Sc? Like research firms or such? or Ph.D?

I am kind of confused with my choices. Could anyone be kind enough to help me out?

Note: I am planning to do higher studies in preferably abroad.