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Thread: Law for heat exchange and evaporation..

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    I wonder if there is any law for heat exchange. I have learnt that heat exchange between systems occurs when the temperature of respective systems differ. But in case of evaporation, the process creates a cooling effect even in an isothermal condition ( I mean by isothermal condition to be a isothermal situation between the evaporating liquid and the surrounding).

    I would like to discuss the cooling effects produced by evaporation under isothermal condition.
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    According to the laws of physics cold in the real sense does not exist.heat is thermal energy in transit,it flows from a hotter body to a colder one. Тнιѕ is because the hotter body must attain thermal equilibrium with the other which in contact with.(Тнιѕ may be its environment). Evaporation occurs at any temperature.
    Bodies attract each other at near distances,the convergence is inevitable. A fundamental,subtle spirit which lies hide in all gross bodies.(Newtonian gravity)
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