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Thread: The bottom 4.9% of a Super Massive Gravity Well - and a conservation of energy and matter.

  1. #1 The bottom 4.9% of a Super Massive Gravity Well - and a conservation of energy and matter. 
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    When matter moves across an " Event Horizon," it is really being pulled from one "expanding singularity," into another, "condensing singularity."
    Falling down through the gravitey well, super heated by friction, and crushed by gravity, matter compresses and its speed increases. As it spirals
    down torward the bottom, the conservation of angular momentum, accelarates it to the speed of gravity, (light speed).
    Much like a molecule of water can gain energy until it has enough to break the surface tension and become a vaper. So too, matter, as it moves
    away from the "bulk" of the mass of the matter," down
    at the bottom of a black hole, would at some point start to become lighter, even bouyant, as the distance from the singularity grew, and its
    gravitational influence diminished, to the tune of the "inverse square law."
    This would likely be a period of "active galactic nuclei," as more and more matter would be needed in order to stay massive enough to keep the
    " bottom-most matter,"- gravitationally bound.
    At some point, (and my thinking is, that it would always be the same amount ), 4.9% visable matter, 26.8% and 68.3% Dark Energy. This may
    however, be due to the "inverse square law." Simply a matter of velocity and distance that matter has at the bottom of a black hole, before it could
    It would have to have enough energy of course, to acheive the escape velocity. There would be a point at which Gravity would loose, and it
    would be gravitationally or energetically cheaper, to let the bottom "snap off," - a new matter/antimatter universe/galaxy, allowing the galactic nuclei to rest back into an
    unstressed state.
    To an observer in that universe, we would be part of "Their Dark Matter." They would be traveling faster than us, at C^3.
    This process would have repeated for all three generations of quarks and leptons. With a ratio of : De*Dm^2 = Normal matter
    ( also the Dark Energy goes up a factor for each generation).
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