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Thread: Is the universe a hologram?

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    I read in focus magazine that Fermilab had put together a theory that the universe is a three dimensional hologram of an underlying two dimensional reality. Is this at all plausible? I would also like to hear all your thought on focus and other popular science magazines about their accuracy. How much of them are composed of deeply theoretical pop-science ideas?
    Any comments would be very much appreciated!
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    The "holographic universe" theory has been around for some time; while certainly a very interesting hypothesis, it is not yet considered mainstream because for various reasons it cannot be expressed in a mathematically rigorous way. Have a look here :

    Holographic principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The basic idea is that information about a volume of space ( in particular entropy ) can be "encoded" on that volume's boundary surface. Taking this to its logical conclusion, the universe can then be considered as "encoded" on a 2-dimensional horizon, with the 3-dimensional view we are so familiar with being only an emergent property on large scales.

    It is altogether a fascinating idea, but highly speculative.
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    I would like to add that this is related to the entropy of a black hole being proportional to its surface area, and the resolution of the black hole information paradox by the information of the infallen matter being encoded in the event horizon.
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