Hi guys

I'm new to this forum and wanted a bit of help on a project I have started.
I'm very passionate about every field of science, but I find Astrophysics particularly fascinating.

After nearly a year of watching inspiring YouTubers, such as Vsauce, SciShow, MinutePhysics, etc, I've decided to make a YouTube channel dedicated to Astrophysics.
I personally don't have a lot of experience in making videos, however, I have had experience in presenting and educating. I have done many presentations at college, mainly about topics like Space Travel, Colonization of Mars, etc. I thoroughly enjoy sharing knowledge and want to help educate the general public.

I had started working on this projects a couple of days ago, the channel is called "The Space Physics".
So far, I've managed to make a few graphics for it, the YouTube channel, Twitter page and Facebook page. I'm currently working on the script for the first few episodes.
I'm thinking about a show where the presenter is standing in front of the camera and presenting a topic, etc.

So I'm looking for some advice, other people who have a similar interest and maybe someone who I can cooperate with.