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  1. How to solve the contradiction in special relativity?
  2. animations
  3. Variation on the 'twin paradox' with no change of frame?
  4. Energy-momentum relation question?
  5. Question about surface gravity
  6. Gravity Violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?
  7. Vale Stephen Hawking
  8. Black Hole entropy question
  9. Can work be extracted from the expansion of the universe?
  10. Intrinsic Curvature in GR
  11. Parallel Transport
  12. Hawking radiation and graviational redshift ... ?
  13. Practical experiment, which proves, that Theory Of General Relativity might be incorrect
  14. Maximum Velocity in a vacuum
  15. Relativity and Geometry Questions?
  16. Hasselkamp paper on TDE
  17. How large objects curve space time
  18. Perceptual Acceleration?
  19. Time Dilation and Length Contraction From Different Reference Frames
  20. Why mass variance predicted by str doesn't take place
  21. conductor and magnet problem special relativity
  22. Alternate theories of gravity?
  23. Is time travel possible
  24. A cosmic discovery that would surprise even Einstein
  25. Length Contraction of Space Between Objects
  26. Definition of Event Horizon and Particle Horizon
  27. Time Differences from Far Distances
  28. Warp 10 to Alpha Centuri
  29. Calculating Changes in Time
  30. Twin Paradox
  31. Magnets and Special Relativity
  32. Anyone know how to prove Enstein's equation E=mc^2 ?
  33. How does matter bend space time?
  34. Space time around the Earth spin?
  35. Can we negative space?
  36. Why can't we go faster the speed of light?
  37. Time inside a black hole?
  38. inverse lorentz transformation states moving clocks run faster ?
  39. Newton Third law was wrong?
  40. an experiment in special relativity theory
  41. Does Newton's Third Law apply to electrostatic forces when two paticles with are moving in the same direction?
  42. Why does time only have one direction?
  43. How much gavity slow down time?
  44. Can we say that the force between charge is curve space time just like gravity in General Relativity?
  45. What is space time?
  46. Special case of SR, where two clocks accelerate equally, but end up displaying different times
  47. How can time dilation possibly be true?
  48. Use the lens formula to show that f^2 = ab
  49. Speed of light
  50. Reconciliation from Samsonov
  51. Symmetries of Space-time
  52. The theorem from Samsonov
  53. 2 charges in a train moving that comes to a sudden stop.
  54. The path of a trapped photon
  55. Non-inertial clock orbiting an inertial clock: "Do moving clocks always run slowly?"
  56. Relativistic effects and relative motion
  57. Dinosaurs and aliens travelling at the speed of light
  58. Does Newton's Third Law apply to electrostatic forces in Curved Space-Time?
  59. Relating Dark Energy and Dark Matter
  60. Time travel is a fantasy
  61. Time dilution (delaying time to live longer) might be possible, how about time contraction (speed up time to live shorter)? Is that possible?
  62. Toy Helicopter Inside a Relativistic Train
  63. Questions re: Covariant Electromagnetism
  64. Two rockets
  65. Is there a preferred reference frame?
  66. Frequency One Form
  67. Hawking Claimed Black Holes Exist, Right?
  68. Warp Drive
  69. question about momentum of electric field
  70. Clocks don't measure local time.
  71. A Spherically Symmetric Black Hole Cannot Evaporate
  72. Evaporating Black Holes and Violation of Unitary
  73. gravitational field of an accelerated mass
  74. Einstein's equation E=mc˛ Question? Possibly challenge.
  75. Black holes Apparent vs event horizon
  76. Why did Einstein modify EFE?
  77. Are all long ranged forces, Instantaneous in nature?
  78. Time dilation
  79. "Mass Can be Converted to Energy"
  80. Spherical Cavity in a Spherical Body
  81. Relativistic Rolling Wheel II
  82. Relativity Problem
  83. Upstream, Downstream effect
  84. A Toothed Wheel Rolling along a Surface
  85. Hawking now believes there are no black holes
  86. black hole related 'paradox'
  87. dead
  88. The gravity well and the hollow sphere
  89. Linearized Turbulent Fluid Flow as an Analog Model for Linearized General Relativity (Gravitoelectromagnetism)
  90. Gravitational Radiation and Energy
  91. Relativistically Rolling Wheel
  92. The Dynamics of Schwarzschild Geometry
  93. Speed of information
  94. Ioio ii r r
  95. Unifying GR and SR?
  96. Why can we not regard gravitational time dilation as a "real" effect?
  97. Need help in special relativity!!!!!
  98. Twin Paradox, Doppler Effect and the Symmetry
  99. Time Dilation Effects of Hypothetical Zero Gravity Pocket
  100. Does the cosmological constant hold at long distances?
  101. Super-radiance of electromagnetic waves
  102. Faster than light?
  103. Stupid questions about black holes
  104. Rel&Particle Physics - How Good Are You?
  105. Schwarzschild metric
  106. An Improved Fully Relativistic Larmor Equation for an Accelerated Charge
  107. Was Minkowski wrong?
  108. Challenge: What is the relativistic Energy of a particle when its deflection is blocked?
  109. SPLIT : Special Relativity and Ether
  110. What is a galilean transformation in the context of general relativity?
  111. Einstein & Simultaneity: Two Questions
  112. Is a general frame a succession of lorentz frame?
  113. The black's hole field projected in space
  114. Three Clock Puzzle
  115. I have a question regarding Inertial Frame of Reference.
  116. Locally non-rotating observers
  117. Is Special Relativity Wrong?
  118. Train in a curved tunnel paradox.
  119. Gauss' Law for spherical shell vs Coulomb's law, regarding reativity
  120. Relativity Question?
  121. Relativity - Velocity and time in laboratory reference frame
  122. Question about angular momentum?
  123. rest frame principle
  124. Black Holes and Time
  125. Can space be elastic instead of time being variable?
  126. ADM Formalism & Ashtekar Variables
  127. Difficult general relativity problem - Weyl's axisymmetric solution
  128. Faster-than-light effects?
  129. Relativity at the Big Bang?
  130. Can one thing be relative to itself?
  131. Faster-than-light warp drives
  132. Incidents in the history of SR
  133. Greetings to all explorers of truth!
  134. Question about time
  135. Comments on "Minkowski Space and Proper Time (aka wristwatch time)"
  136. Minkowski Space and Proper Time (aka wristwatch time)
  137. Clocks in Motion
  138. The landscape of relativity
  139. How special relativity prediction resurrect meta-physics.
  140. Visualizing Gravity as Curved Spacetime
  141. GR with differential forms ??
  142. Hypothesizing the future: Relativity 1
  143. General Relativity Primer
  144. Discussion of Special Relativity Primer
  145. Special Relativity Primer
  146. Solving the Einstein Field Equations - An Example
  147. Age of the Universe - Original Thread
  148. Classical versus quantum particles