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  1. How the circuit "knows" to change the current
  2. Newton and his apple
  3. zero magnetic flux in the transformer core when there is a short circuit in the secondary
  4. Determining Flexural Modulus
  5. Deleted
  6. Calculating Lift force on a hydrofoil wing
  7. Question on the Reynolds number from a non scientist ( hydrodynamics and fluid viscosity)
  8. Ball in space
  9. Does charge convert to heat or cause heat when passing through a resistor?
  10. Flow over cylinder
  11. Simple physics problem
  12. Imaginary part in the second Fick's low
  13. Euler’s first law and Newton’s definition of momentum
  14. A practical question from a non science person
  15. Solids
  16. Band gaps
  17. Classical mechanics problem
  18. Sound Intensity Propagation and Sound Waves
  19. Homework regarding relation between friction and velocity; need my answers checked!
  20. Can someone explain enthalpy H = U + pV
  21. Centrifugal Force and speed
  22. Total energy of a system
  23. rate of accelleration plus time = ????? ( how far?? )
  24. Elasticity Problem
  25. Bungee Jump vertical motion equation
  26. Help with dimensional analysis............
  27. Intresting tool
  28. How does electromagnetic wave travel?
  29. Motorcycle Physics Question
  30. EM fields in medium
  31. Will placing a solenoid inside another solenoid increase it's over all strength?
  32. Gravitational Force and Energy .......
  33. Magnetic Moment Vector
  34. Fluid Dynamics
  35. Newton's law of cooling.
  36. Homogeneous circular wheel
  37. Friction when pool balls collide
  38. Current Linkages in a Motor
  39. Gravitational Direction
  40. Fresnel's diffraction theory
  41. A doubt on spring mass damper system fundmaental equation
  42. (orbital) momentum
  43. calculate force of gravity
  44. calculating work in isobaric system
  45. capacitors in series and parallel
  46. Explaining simple harmonic motion
  47. Walter Lewin Kirchhoff's rule is for the birds
  48. Formula For Flight Time of RC Helicopter - FUN!
  49. Permanent Magnet Railgun for transport
  50. Accelerometer - alignment
  51. Acoustic pressure & particle velocity phase - plane vs spherical waves
  52. Impulse Duration & Mechanical Wave Propagation relation to a Rod´s motion
  53. Finger Over Straw Trick
  54. Trying to understand Transformer Power calculations in this patent
  55. Electromagnetism Questions
  56. Ball bounces between head and Van de Graff
  57. electric field near a charged sphere
  58. Properties of Light
  59. Newtons 3rd Law
  60. Failure of high-k dielectrics
  61. What is local linear increase&
  62. Pearlite or spheroidite?
  63. Question about supercooling and solidification
  64. A question concerning momentum
  65. Laplace operator
  66. NEED HELP please - Airplane loop
  67. Crystal Radio
  68. Determining Compass Bearing from Resultant Angle
  69. Moving wedge and pulley system
  70. When a jumpjet goes faster than the speed of sound,Why does it make an exploison?
  71. Integration of 6-12 Lennard Jones Potential to obtain the 3-9 one
  72. Ampere's Law Application Problem
  73. Unit Jy
  74. A big question about kinetic theory
  75. Rollercoaster problem
  76. Spherical longitudinal waves propagation
  77. Two masses on a rotating turntable
  78. Position and velocity of an inverted pendulum.
  79. Rolling resistance.
  80. Conservation of Momentum in magnetic induction
  81. Relativity question
  82. what are the units for a dipole moment (vector) p in electric field (vector)E?
  83. Radiation emission and absorption
  84. Magnetism from Samsonov
  85. Maxwell's "displacement current"
  86. Gravity as an entropic force
  87. A question that nobody seems able to answer - Field between Parallel Plates
  88. stopping distances of two cars
  89. Problem about entropy
  90. Gibbs equation and third law of thermodynamics
  91. A gas close to zero Kelvin
  92. The speed of sound in an enclosed compartment.
  93. Definitions of volt using SI's fundamental magnitude
  94. Maxwell's Equations, AC
  95. impact force and reaction in certain example (velocity change)
  96. Entropy as a state property
  97. car crash
  98. Narrow band light interference (?)
  99. Validation of tri axial accelerometer
  100. Distribution high voltage power lines
  101. Hollow Solenoid
  102. why is "omega" used as angular velocity and also angular frequency?
  103. Questions about thermodynamic relations
  104. Wave Mechanics: How is it that a sound wave has a speed ofl 1480 m/s in Water?
  105. Can a magnetic fridge magnet stay on the fridge indefinitely?
  106. Accelaration, mass and displacement
  107. Not so smart question about Faraday's law
  108. Average, apparent and real power. I'am confused
  109. Magnetic field of infinite cylinder.
  110. > Why Change Of Magnetic Flux Induces Current In It?
  111. hydraulic
  112. Standard entropy of liquid at the melting point
  113. hydro-static paradox
  114. Electric arc
  115. Free Fall and Average Acceleration Question
  116. Kinematics 1D Problem
  117. Liquids problem.
  118. General Question (Measurement)
  119. Kinematics 1-d Motion
  120. journey to center of earth
  121. electrostatistics
  122. Parallel Interdigital Capacitor : Physics involved
  123. Jones matrix describing the action of the quater-wave plate
  124. Heat
  125. Lots of questions!
  126. Outside magnetic field for Solenoid using Ampere's law
  127. angular momentum for objects whose angular motion isn't exactly circular(elliptical I mean)
  128. Veterinarian question
  129. Tooth extraction question.
  130. distance between dielectrics
  131. Differing Units while Calculating Acceleration of Rotating Objects
  132. Two Block and Five Pulley System
  133. Help on Orbiting objects
  134. Impact Disperal
  135. Car model from modeling wheels
  136. Contradiction in Magnetic Field Theory?
  137. radiation pressure
  138. What is the force behind Gears Interactions
  139. Energy from fall object
  140. A 32 ft tall tank full of water
  141. Measuring water pressure in long flexible tube.
  142. The screw nature of electromagnetism
  143. Acceleration 250G
  144. normalize relative humidity
  145. The Bicycle Pulling Puzzle
  146. G-Force
  147. Some questions about friction
  148. Electric displacement density
  149. Charles Law in reverse
  150. gopro stratosphere fall debunked
  151. Bimetal radius
  152. Help me. What is radius?
  153. Diffusion: Concentration profile for point sink in infinite plane
  154. contra weight for suction
  155. Fun with classical physics - free book pdf
  156. The Earth's Magnetic Field
  157. on snow flakes
  158. Doubt in a confusing concept !
  159. Different masses moving down a hill at different speeds?
  160. Confused about harmonic motion
  161. Electric generator
  162. Free body diagram needed
  163. Contact Time
  164. number of moles inisde a fixed volume
  165. Working of dry cell battery!!
  166. Electromagnet issue
  167. Fortran 90 and surface integrals
  168. amplitude modulation
  169. Mechanics
  170. Car Accident - Can physics prove my innocence?
  171. Tricky dimensional analysis
  172. Is space able to push things?
  173. Help in dot product
  174. Average Velocity and Angle of Inclination of a Slope
  175. Confused about gravitational potential energy?
  176. A Scalar Equation of Motion
  177. electrostatics
  178. How do I convert an inertia tensor from body space to world space?
  179. Vector current and its measurement
  180. Some question
  181. FET operation
  182. Electric field near a point just outside a conductor
  183. Crystallisation dynamics
  184. angular velocity of rigid body
  185. centripetal acceleration
  186. Optimizing a simple DC Motor for No-Load Speed
  187. virtual displacement
  188. Energy and force
  189. Is this abstract clear?
  190. stationary waves in composite strings
  191. speed of stationary wave in a string
  192. Simple Theory on how matter really works?
  193. Non Isolated System : Lowering in the Potentional Energy
  194. How to find the breaking strength of a string
  195. Fluid effects in a wind instrument
  196. What is the physical difference between compression waves and longitudinal waves in elastic solids?
  197. energy transfer in transverse waves
  198. Doubts on Magnetism!
  199. Why is the electric interaction a force?
  200. Ridiculous questions, but humour me: hollow planet
  201. Lay persons question
  202. Visual lag on the highway
  203. Does a sponge weigh more underwater?
  204. byoncy
  205. velocity and accelaration
  206. Fluid Mechanics: General energy eqn (steady, in-compressible fluid)
  207. electrostatics/dielectrics/ electric field
  208. vibrational modes of quartz crystal
  209. Thermodynamics
  210. Interferometry please help
  211. What can cause periodic interference (constructive interference occurs every 9 mm when the reference mirror is shifted) in OCT setup?
  212. The kitchen salt effect and Volta battery
  213. a simple cut off experiment in electricity to be performed home ....
  214. Resistors with less than 1 ohm resistance in parallel circuits - increases the resistance?
  215. urgent need of help ... actuator
  216. How to guide lights from all direction, straight and perpendicular to a surface?
  217. Lenses
  218. Can a double oxidation phenomenon generate an electric current?
  219. Water flowing into bucket through a hole
  220. how Does an Electric Charge in space gets Discharged in infinite time?
  221. Putting an antenna in a spherical metallic shell
  222. Biot Number
  223. Inbound to cover the earth in circumference. About 20,000 miles on foot.
  224. Entropy
  225. Heat of reaction: why they ommit chemical potential???
  226. Polarizations vectors
  227. Torque force and COM
  228. doubt Maxwell equations and EM waves
  229. Unstoppable for and an immovable object expressed in an equation?
  230. Inertia forces in rotating frame under
  231. Mass, Gravity & Velocity
  232. Physics of a Tree Stand
  233. Minor Car Accident(Can we Prove using Physics)
  234. Lever Question
  235. relation between speed and tension
  236. which one spends the shortest time???
  237. Blackbody Radiation and 2nd Law of Thermo Dynamics
  238. question on gravity please.
  239. Help with Vernier Calliper Reading
  240. Distance an object will travel...
  241. Don't understand their derivation of precession frequency of this gyroscope?
  242. Electron flow in bent wire causing outward force?
  243. Question on Gravity
  244. New Renewable ElectroCell
  245. BikeRiding Hazards
  246. Vibrational modes: a rope of sand
  247. Capacitor discharge, but no current?
  248. Calculation for e=mc^2 in foot pounds of force
  249. Law for heat exchange and evaporation..