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Thread: FORUM RULES - Please read before posting on this forum

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    Dear Members,

    please take note of the following rules and regulations governing this forum :

    1. No spamming of any kind
    2. No trolling is permitted. Trolling is hereby defined as posting inflammatory or off-topic material with the primary purpose of soliciting an emotional response, or of disrupting the normal course of discussion.
    3. No material which can be deemed racist is permitted.
    4. Do not use obscenities.
    5. No intellectual dishonesty of any kind. In particular, all quoted/copied material is to be properly referenced.
    6. No threats, harrassment or intimidation will be tolerated here. Since all posts are traceable, such material may be reported to local authorities.
    7. No material of a sexual or pornographic nature is permitted.
    8. This forum is reserved for the discussion of established science only, and does not permit the posting of "personal theories", or of any material which is obviously in contradiction to current scientific consensus, into the main sections. Such posts will be moved to the "Personal Theories" subforum, or to the trash can. It is the responsibility of the moderator and administrator team to appropriately categorize forum posts.
    9. No member shall have more than one active user account; secondary accounts ( "sock puppets" ) are not permitted.
    10. Any attempt to circumvent moderator action ( e.g. opening a new thread on a previously locked topic ) will result in immediate suspension of the member.
    11. We will help you with your homework but we will not do your homework for you. When you post a question here you are expected to explain the origin of the problem (homework, test, self-study, etc.) and the nature of the class (high school, introductory college, undergraduate, graduate, etc.) and indicate the level of mathematics expected in that class (algebra, calculus, differential equations, etc.) You are also expected to show some attempt to have solved the problem yourself and present all work relative to that attempt. We will attempt to help you answer your question for yourself via leading questions, suggestions and hints.
    12. The moderator team reserves the right to amend these rules and regulation at any time without prior notice.

    If you any concerns or questions regarding these, please contact any member of the moderator team.

    Thank you,

    Markus Hanke

    EDIT 1 ( 02/04/14 ) : No posts and threads proliferating religious ideas/beliefs ( such as Creationism ) are permitted here. Such posts will be summarily deleted.
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