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Thread: Einstein-the greatest manís greatest folly

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    Yes, I've read that before too, and the point is well received. Yet, physics exists, and it is designed based upon consistent experience. We experience the passage of time and the existence of space (locality). While one may argue that space and change is all that exists, said individual must show mathematically how to model motion in the absence of time. It is insufficient otherwise.

    Now one can argue that we cannot trust our experience, that all experience is a manifestation of pure thought processes. That one cannot know if they are dreaming when dreaming, and so what is then real? Yet, one does not hold their hand on a flame, or step in front of an inbound train ... because deep down, they trust their prior experiences as real. My point, is that while all hypotheses and theories need questioned, this does not lead that we do not have a good definition of what real really is. IMO, we have an existing definition of real, and until a better definition comes along (based upon repeated experience), then we keep the definition we have until then. That defines what is real, today. At one time the world was flat, and that was a great definition of real at the time. Later, we learned better. At one time we thought Newton defined the motion of the heavens and earth, until Einstein extended it for non everyday experience. However, we experience the passage of time everyday, and we cannot model motion without using it. Now, if quantum mechanics can show that time does not exist, and another can show that the macro must be the summation of micro events in a way that explains why uncertainty is lost at non-micro levels, then more may reconsider the definition of time for everyday macro experience.

    I disagree with that as well Physicist. Real is also that which gives rise to material entity, which would be the medium itself. Material particles do not exist everywhere, because it requires surrounding space and time (gravity wells) for it to exist in the very first place. IMO, it's short sighted to presume that the gravity well that follows particles everywhere (radiating outward at c) is not something, and thus not real. It's all real. Even if one can imagine the medium beyond where any gravitation field has yet formed, that must be real as well. Because if it were not real, then our cosmic birth should never had happened.

    Thank you,
    Predictions from Einsteinís Special Theory of Relativity,does not stand the test of time.It is high time,the scientific world,admitted these errors,so that in future,physics textbooks be devoid of them.The following are some of the printed knowledge that has been refuted.
    1.(According to STR)
    It is stunning that as we go close to the speed of light,our mass increases indefinitely,we shrink towards zero thickness in the direction of motion and time for us comes as near to stopping as we would like.
    My theory proves, any variations of this kind upto 6.07% is only possible.That means commonsense and ordinary intuition,turn out to be only partially unreliable guides.
    Einsteinís work on STR, is partly hypothetical excursion,partly aberration( controversial) and despite ,it ,he was really a first rate thinker.Films like
    ďClose Encounters of The Third KindĒ,Back To The FutureĒ could now be stated as pure fiction and never could be reality.
    2.One of the consequences of STR is that, as we travel sufficiently close to the speed of light,time slows downóour wrist watches,our atomic clocks and biological aging.
    These are not based on absolute and sufficient verification, and not supported entirely , by miracle equation.
    STR further grandly theorizes, a space vehicle travelling very close to the speed of light could travel between any two places,no matter how distant( for instance to the Centre of Milky Way Galaxy) in any convenient short period of time.(few decades),in earth time frame this could be sixty thousand years.From my proofs,albeit,speed barrier is the speed of light,for sizable objects more than 1kg,in this case, space vehicle,,the scientific world has to admit,despite having heavy practical applications of STR in GPS,,STR for v>c/3 units,has perpetrated the greatest nonsense in the history of science.My findings only,which has proved this contention.One has to note,STR is factually inaccurate,even upto 93.93% variation claims.Science is about self-correction.There should be swift consensus in this regard,since my theory is based on pure simple mathematics.
    I appeal to the scientific community to accept,this revised form of the Special Theory OF Relativity
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    Quote Originally Posted by 07CAUCHY
    It is stunning that as we go close to the speed of light,our mass increases indefinitely,we shrink towards zero thickness in the direction of motion and time for us comes as near to stopping as we would like.
    Sorry but none of these thing happens the to "we" getting to, but happens to the "they" observing the "we" getting to.

    This is called Special Theory of Relativity? I suggest you learn a little about it.

    Beside, your posting style is identical to TZOLFO (R.I.P.), so I'll report you as a sockpuppet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boing3000 View Post

    Beside, your posting style is identical to TZOLFO (R.I.P.), so I'll report you as a sockpuppet.
    I did that earlier, it is quite clear he's TFOLZO.
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