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Thread: teorija etra sa eksperimentalnom verifikacijom

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    My name is Branislav Pavlović. I am from Serbia. I wrote a book ”Teorija etra sa eksperimentalnom verifikacijom” (Aether theory with experimental verification ). My book is in
    Serbian. Book was published by, and book is about aether and theory of relativity. More information about the book can be found on the website

    If you want to read book just type in your browser

    teorija etra branislav pavlovic

    In this book I present the main results of my scientific work. My theory is based on the hypothesis of the existence of aether. In my work, I have devoted great attention not only to theoretical considerations but also to the explanation of experiments. I will mention just a few experiments (effects) which I have explained from the standpoint of my aether theory: the Michelson-Morley experiment, the Fizeau experiment, the aberration of light, the Ives-Stilwell experiment, the temperature dependent Pound-Rebka experiment, the Sagnac effect, and so on. Certain anomalies in the GPS system have been analyzed. The Pioneer anomaly has been analysed.


    1. Introduction
    2. Theories and concepts of aether from ancient philosophers to contemporary viewpoints
    3. Analysis of the elementary results of the special theory of relativity
    4. Postulates of the aether theory
    5. Elementary results of the aether theory
    6. The Michelson-Morley experiment
    7. The OPERA experiment - neutrino anomaly
    8. Relativity of simultaneity
    9. The Fizeau experiment
    10. The interpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment in case of the existence of dialectrics in the branches of the interferometer
    11. The aberration of light
    12. The Hoek experiment
    13. The Doppler effect
    14. Redshift and blueshift. Change of the frequency of the quantum system
    15. The Ives-Stilwell experiment
    16. The application of the Doppler effect in the analysis of the Michelson-Morley experiment
    17. Experimental testing of the special theory of relativity using laser spectroscopy of fast lithium ions. Determination of the absolute velocity of the Earth
    18. Experimental testing of the transversal Doppler effect using Moessbauer spectroscopy
    19. The temperature dependent Pound-Rebka experiment.
    20. The atomic clocks experiment on a rotating platform. The application of the aether theory within the system of general positioning (GPS)
    21. The Pioneer anomaly
    22. Henri Poincaré and the theory of relativity
    23. The transformation of mechanical quantities from the standpoint of the aether theory
    24. Applying equations to transform mechanical quantities on the grounds of the aether theory
    25. The analysis of electrodynamics
    26. Space and time from the standpoint of Newtonian mechanics
    27. The analysis of the general theory of relativity. The explanation for certain experiments based on the application of optics and electrodynamics.
    28. The movement of light in noninertial reference systems. The Sagnac effect
    29. Using femtosecond lasers for experimental testing of the invariance of the speed of light

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    Branislav, please note that this forum is reserved for the discussion of established science only. The posting of personal theories and non-mainstream hypothesis such as Aether theory is not permitted on here; I would urge you to carefully read the forum rules sticky in the "Announcements" section.

    Thread locked.

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