whether we can live the life of another person?

for any discretization accuracy obtain a finite number of possible variants for the lifetime of civilization / universe.

for example, there is an upper limit on what we can see on the monitor for a finite interval or record a digital camera or microphone, including if they record what sees and hears people.

also there are limits to what people can write on your computer (etc. all posts, messages).

furthermore there is a limit on the number of possible changes in sequences of bits in a computer. or another, all computers in the world.

so, variants can't be repeated periodically not, within the meaning of that its can't be unique, because their set is bounded, otherwise its will ultimately empty because unique variants reduce to zero the bounded set.

in another way, for absolute precision, the universe in each moment have certain state which existence proves that it can be in this state at all (periodically), but infinite number of a states can't be periodically exists, that means that number of a states is limited.

so, this means that our lifes are repeated periodically absolutely.

but, can we live the life which is absolute (or in some discrete precision) copy of a life another person ?