I'm atom 3 ( it's a very random name if you ask)
I'm quite new to physics I'm still at the basic levels of it
So I still have a lot of problems here and there
Also probably the biggest problem is that I'm not good at math (but I like problem solving)
If there is a physicist reading this or any one that has any experience at all
I have a question how much math do I need to know?

Also here are some questions about physics too

1) so I have a question about acceleration if I have an acceleration of 3m/s^2
Does that mean after 1 sec I'll be at 3m and 2 sec at 6m ....
Or will it be after 1 sec 3m and after 2sec 9m as in 1 sec = 3m/s^2. 2 sec = 6m/s^2. 3 sec = 9m/s^2

2) I was learning hPa and Pa now my teacher said that 1 N = 100g
But when we were learning Newton's second law ( F=ma ) he said 1 N = 1kg
How much is 1N exactly?

3) also we learned Newton's thrid law
Now i might have not understanded it properly but
I think the law was like for example
If you push an object it will be pushing you with the same amount of force in the opposite direction
But in my head if that's true how can you move objects

Now all of these questions are probably very stupid but it helps for me
So please answer these questions for me it helps