My name is Scott Ryan and i won America the Iraq war back in 07. I walked like i was gay from nerve damage and we reached a deal that seen them stop using my strategies, and once they did by handing the terrorist the drone camera codes, they then bankrupt their economy when i said i would go to Russia. Think i am making it up? Use an electromagnetic wave detector to kill troops using metal detectors? Ever been done before? Do troops use metal detectors? wire light 5 to the bomb...Bang, once it detects the wave, when it gets closer more light get power 2 them.

I won the Iraq war and they sabotaged it and the Afghanistan war strategies. That's right the Afghanistan war could of been won.

I won Israel the 2009 invasion with many new tactics "like" using heat white phosphorus to stop enemy snipers and lock on missiles from working.

After the CIA broke the deal in 2014 ish, i told Russia how i set up the CIA, and handed 300 ideas and strategy's. I told Putin to go into Syria and to kill the ISIS, that the CIA created "killing" mass civilians. Putin also used my strategy's, and did what i said.

In 2017 i helped China with Ideas 2. Not 2 bad A.