Hello everybody!

I'm Andrew, I'm a second year physics student still in community college atm and a little late in life getting the degree I have always wanted. The reason for the title is I have been working on a theoretical experiment that most people would call a crackpot idea on cursory examination. However as I have corresponded with professors all over the country who I promised I wouldn't do any public name drops on, but if any admins want to see who's helped me and verify its not as far out there as it seems I will share my correspondence with them.

I have been dreaming about a GW generator for about 12 years now, the problem is that to build say a dynamo simulation of a binary system and spin it fast enough to make 1 watt GW power you must move these pretty heavy dynamos at .5% the speed of light. Of course one could lower the mass and increase the velocity but centripetal force just blows away any materials we currently have. I still haven't given up, I am looking into the idea that I may be able to use magnetic field lines to kind of substitute for gravity to hold it all together, heck maybe even thats the way to power the dynamo to begin with. Anyway, if nothing else in the future this will be possible I just hope I can get my education far enough along I can publish before somebody else comes up with the idea on their own. There actually are similar concepts out there already published, should have started on my education a long time ago!!

Anyway, I look forward to checking this place out I hope this isn't like some forums that are very liberal with the ban button and ban people for being too imaginative. I was once banned and labeled a crackpot for speaking of this very idea that is a legit idea, sometimes reality is more crazy than the crackpots and makes less sense.