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    hi, i want to ask question about frictional force because i didn't fully understand what my teachers said. can you help me find for looking answers in all of my questions?
    my question was,
    a.)does frictional force depend on the area of contact? justify.,
    b.) does it depend on the type of surfaces in contact?explain.,
    c.) does adding additional mass on one of the surfaces in contact affects the magnitude of the frictional force? example and justify.
    d.) frictional force depends on two factors, normal force and coefficient of friction. which of the two changes every time additional mass is added on one of the bodies in contact? explain.
    Actually, this is our homework but i already pass it to my instructor. i just want to know what is your answers or opinions from the question above. it is also helpful for me to expand my learning about this one.
    thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gorgeousmystique View Post
    i just want to know what is your answers or opinions from the question above.
    MODERATOR NOTE: We don't do people's homework for them. You need to show us your effort before we can help.
    A tensor equation that is valid in any coordinate system is valid in every coordinate system.
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