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    Hey guys, I would really appreciate some help with this mechanics problems

    1. Two identical boats that can travel 5ms-1 in still water have a race in a river that is flowing at 2ms-1. Boat 1 travels 100m from A to B and back and boat 2 travels100m from A to C and back. Who wins and by how many seconds?

    2 .A ball is thrown vertically up from the edge of a 100m high cliff with a velocity of 5ms-1. Calculate the time taken for it to hit the bottom of the cliff.
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    Check out the "sticky" thread on solving problems. Then if you can't finish the problems tell us where you got stuck, and we will give you hints or suggestions to help you continue. We will not work your homework problems for you, since they are designed to help you learn physics and without working on them you will not learn very much useful.
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