Although I enjoy working on challenging mathematical problems and discussing physics, I also love playing guitar and piano, and writing musical compositions. I've been playing and writing music for over 26 years, but these past three years my skill has finally developed to the point where I'm able to compose symphonies, chamber pieces, and all sorts of musical creations.

I compose music using Pro Tools 10 and render the music using the XPand2 synthesizer and Garritan's orchestral sound packages. However, Pro Tools lacks decent tools to edit the MIDI and add dynamics to the voices. I'm looking at getting a Mac because I've seen how Logic Pro works and it's nice to be able to use Bezier curves instead of having to manually edit the MIDI data in Pro Tools.

Instead of posting all of my compositions at once, I will give people time to comment on each one. My music is classical in nature and I can't afford to pay real musicians to record it. So, it's not music everyone will enjoy. However, if you like classical music, then I hope you'll enjoy my music. On that note, I present you all my song, "Forged by Destiny", which is a song that I wrote that my brother and I used to play on guitar. Unfortunately, he injured himself on the job and can no longer play guitar like he used to So, I turned it into a symphony for him. Enjoy!!!