i know that, the accepted reason to explain why solar systems and galaxy's align in planer aligned flat disks is law of collisions. But with Saturn in the news lately, looking at the way the rings of Saturn are separated I believe that the rings are separated in association to the layers of the planet in a superconduter like field a locked orbit. My therory is space is similar to the weather here there is a lot we can't see, radiation winds and dark matter and so on. All of space differing amounts of energy hot and cold. This creates pressure systems much as weather on earth that move space around. This is how I explain that sometimes we think it's expanding and other times we think is contracting because it both like changes in weather. And when enough gas or dust particles are close enough to attract and stick together, with the right surrounding preasure a star begins to form. I believe during this forming dependent upon the elemental compounds a planetary system gets fluxed into place, a locked plane. Similar to when pouring liquid nitrogen on a composite superconductor and holding the piece to be fluxed, in the forming field to flux it into place, and there is some wobble but it takes a certain amount of force to pull the price out of the for the most part locked plane. This is my theory to why we have to course correct satalights but moons and rings on Saturn never are pulled into there respective planets because they were around when the planetary system was in flux like cooling the composite forming the field. Every thing after the original formation, follows the rules of gravity solely. And red dwarfs and ice Giants not fluxed into any star system or galaxy can wander thru space following the rules of gravity only because the system they once belonged to the star exploded possibly and sent them shooting thru space like Crockett balls. And if we have discovered two typed of super conductive fields here on earth, what could the extremes of space hot and cold produce, I believe there could be several types of fields.