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Thread: Calculating Lift force on a hydrofoil wing

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    I know little about physics and I am planning to make a prototype of a hydrofoil wing for my windsurfing board,

    Knowing the weight ( board, rig, and myself, 110 kg), the velocity of the board and the wing surface, is it possible to calculate the lift force on the wing, to see if it can offset the 110 Kg downward weight?

    Using the lift force formula L= 1/2ρ ( rho, density) x V2( velocity2) x A( area) x CL, I have come up with L=4,650,125 N=474 kg, which is almost 5 times greater than 110 Kg., hence sufficient to lift the board off the water.

    Here are the parameters I used:
    ρ ( rho, water density) = 1000 kg/m3 ( water) V=10 kmh, A ( area) =1200 cm2 and Cl= 1.005215,( Lift coefficient)
    Note: Cl=L/(q x A) where q= 1/2ρ x V2

    I read that the angle of attack affects the Cl, but I canít see how to fit it in the calculation.
    The best angle of attack of the wing is 10į-15 į for the smallest drag.

    I donít know if the hydrostatic pressure further increases the lift and how to calculate it, but if 474 kg for the Bernoulli force alone is correct, this should ensure the lift., regardless of the hydrostatic pressure.

    I may be wrong, because I donít much I physics.Could you comment on this?


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