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  1. 1st order linear differential equation
  2. Geophysics - pore fluid pressure
  3. Gravitation as compensation interaction
  4. More and more people worldwide are reporting 'glitches' - events they've witnessed that violate the laws of physics such as people vanishing into thin air right in front of them, or walking through solid walls. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. How is going Respected Prof. Charles Kittel today?
  6. Question about the length contraction and time dilation in the Special Theory of Relativity.
  7. Measuring the Distance to Stars
  8. Newton meter question- very confused
  9. A quick question about Black Holes
  10. Need help understanding some ice physics.
  11. Current Voltage Filament Lamp
  12. Pendulum Pivot Max Force
  13. Gravity within disc.
  14. Appreciation
  15. Average velocity Vs. velocity
  16. If Gravity is not a force, how do we stand on earth's surface?
  17. Mobile waves
  18. Black Hole Firewalls
  19. Problem:
  20. E=kBT
  21. Thermodynamics - Temperature change of argon gas Answers Checked
  22. Electrostatic force
  23. General
  24. Could someone please help me with this?
  25. Reflections from black surfaces
  26. Grating and slits problem 28 from 9702_s17_qp_13.pdf
  27. Problem from D. Morin's "Introduction to Classical Mechanics"
  28. Asymptotic seres in QFT
  29. Power and heat dissipation in Voltage Regulator
  30. hello! Im Mat LeClair.
  31. why derivatives? What does it mean?
  32. What Force is m.c2/Radius
  33. quantum plus special relativity requires anti particles?
  34. Earth speed and Plane travel?
  35. Will placing a solenoid inside another solenoid increase it's over all strength?
  36. About a good book on astrophysics
  37. Simple Law of Cosines Question
  38. Question on Generation of Clubhead Speed in Golf Swing
  39. I am coming today
  40. Tensors and invariants
  41. Low math level in my university
  42. Please help me understand relativity
  43. Waste of Life
  44. Analysing behaviour of a wayward Foucault pendulum
  45. Adding Vectors-Calculating Magnitude and Location
  46. Is there a relationship between particle physics and human ecology?
  47. Heisenberg vs Einstein
  48. Does this theorem falsify macrorealism?
  49. Looking at the eclipse through the camera of a cell phone, is it safe?
  50. Einstein and the Nobel prize
  51. Can solar replace oil
  52. about time period of earth
  53. Heat dissipation in a resistor
  54. Trajectory calculation
  55. Physics
  56. Roller Coaster Physics: From a dumb graduate student who forgot all his education
  57. The Law of Attraction
  58. Gravity
  59. Daedalus' Musical Compositions
  60. Current Divider Rule? Ohm's Law?
  61. Humidity on Moisture Absorption / Desorption
  62. Lifetime of Sun on main sequence
  63. ...
  64. Astrophysics planer alignment locked fields
  65. Thermal transfer
  66. Transfer function
  67. Helium balloon deflated in hot truck
  68. 2D projectile motion help
  69. Looking for a mathematics thesis commettee member who works in liquid state theory
  70. Google is building a Quantum Computer
  71. PhD, astrophysics in qatar
  72. "Regaining momentum takes three times as much energy as sustaining momentum" - explanation please!
  73. Spring Problem
  74. Explaining simple harmonic motion
  75. Really, to the moon and back?
  76. potential difference
  77. a little self-profile
  78. Newton's Third Law and Collisions
  79. Average Acceleration physics question- Please someone help me
  80. What is velocity of the 2 kg block immediately before the collision?
  81. the timetron
  82. EPS Sensor replacement
  83. Volume Flux and Associated Velocites, help
  84. Why is a electric field induced by a varying magnetic field, non-conservative?
  85. welcome to ICQC
  86. there is no reason to believe steady state theory
  87. determining the energy deposited in a 1mm layer of Al at a depth of 5cm
  88. The strong force and radiation
  89. Significant digits.
  90. Help explaining how anti reflective glass works
  91. Future of the universe
  92. magnetic monopoles
  93. want to study Astrophysics but have a different background
  94. Magnetic monopoles
  95. Schrodinger Wave Equation
  96. vortex cannon
  97. O sign
  98. The "easy calculation" in Minkowski's 1908 paper
  99. About the measurements of the spped of light.
  100. NExt: Through a key hole....?
  101. Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic pls Help me solve.
  102. What will I see if the mirror will move very fast?
  103. beta decay
  104. CO2 Thermodynamics Question
  105. Question(s) about the age of the Universe?
  106. Film in a narrow slit
  107. Heat query
  108. What is the fabric of space time really like?
  109. 15 year old going into sophomore year of highschool
  110. Curvature and Expansion of Spacetime
  111. WE are NOTHING but an illusion .
  112. How to store microwave energy ?
  113. Motion through time in relativity
  114. The subtle meaning of some facts
  115. Why does it not equal to 24.000000?
  116. The Idea of God
  117. Rollercoaster problem
  118. New star?
  119. The Universe's Schwarzchild radius and inflation?
  120. The Universe's Schwarzchild radius and inflation?
  121. Open-source research
  122. Don't know if it will fly, but the Outernet?
  123. Push Gravity
  124. Effects of strong light source within the atmosphere
  125. Dynamics of heating water - for the layman.
  126. Light intensity and wavelength
  127. help
  128. When the end comes
  129. Quantum entanglement question from an entangled mind
  130. expansion of cosmos
  131. heating a wire
  132. Query regarding Michelson Morley Experiment
  133. carnot engine
  134. 'Law of motion question
  135. trying to understand why gravity is considered one of the four universal forces
  136. x-ray beam broadening
  137. How to describe this kind of waveform
  138. mental constructs
  139. Beal's conjecture conjecture
  140. What is position?
  141. hey curious Lehman with many questions this is just my first one
  142. Need your help mates!
  143. Beginner
  144. Measuring pressure
  145. 3 doors, which would you choose?
  146. 1-d Motion problem
  147. measuring independent variable
  148. Relative Space Travel Question
  149. Black hole and the universe's expansion?
  150. heat capacity of soda cans
  151. An Introduction to Physics
  152. Ruined College Career But Still Fascinated.
  153. Simple Machines Problem
  154. Numerical solution of one dimensional Schrodinger equation
  155. Vaccum
  156. Water wave explanation of light
  157. electric field in an octopole trap (analytically)
  158. Predicting Sound Pitch and Timbre
  159. noone
  160. Question about Big Bang and Inflation as per newest discovery...
  161. galaxy classification - neural networks
  162. Static Friction
  163. Need help with this Math Question!
  164. Complex Networks - Artificial Neural Networks - PCNN
  165. Integration over a finite interval containing simple poles, any application?
  166. Humanity is doomed - NASA
  167. Sound Projection Technologies - Question
  168. Can sound travel faster than light? I think, IT CAN!
  169. Sugar syrup flowing down a silicone pipe
  170. Hello..can some one help me on this problem concerning ballooning
  171. Potential Energy and Potential Difference
  172. I need help understanding magnetic physics
  173. Stereographic projection visualization
  174. a simple link between relativity and quantum physics based on symmetry
  175. Are [homemade] railguns effective?
  176. Time Travel
  177. PhD thesis advice for Experimental nuclear physics with industrial collaboration universities
  178. Questions about the forum rules
  179. Hello, I think I worked out the expansion of the universe in meters/dalton... Can anyone help me prove it?
  180. Physics homework question - Velcro & Mechanics
  181. Diverting nerve impulses
  182. What is the shape of the universe? i think it is in the shape of a cube. Can this be true?
  183. Mathematical Induction: Begging the Question?
  184. Rotational diffusion coefficient - second inverse to radian^2/s
  185. general reletivity
  186. I losted a bunny poem.....
  187. Please, excuse my distraction.
  188. about optical and electrical conductivity.
  189. Am I capable (in the future) to read theoretical physics?
  190. A writer looking for a little insight.
  191. how can this happen?
  192. Is space curved or flat?
  193. my question about moon
  194. Thermodynamics Laws
  195. In an infinite universe...
  196. 2nd law of thermodynamics question.
  197. How can i demonstrate gravitational potential energy?
  198. Vector problem
  199. uses of radiation detectors
  200. Midnight Thoughts - Where is the dark energy coming from? - and others.
  201. Help regarding Career with Physics
  202. buoyancy of 1 cubic foot of vacuum
  203. CTMU - revisit
  204. Thermodynamics: Required work being done, in spite of irreversibility and no additional force being spent
  205. Need help please in bio-mechanics as i am a mature student returning to University.
  206. Harnessing energy from the ionosphere
  207. Create a new section
  208. Buy superconductors?
  209. Iron Man's Repulsors
  210. Special Relativity
  211. question
  212. Electrostatics
  213. Wave behaviour
  214. The subjective experience is an underestimated tool to discover parts of our reality
  215. Lightning energy
  216. Neutron as a molecule
  217. A possible but improbable breakthrough
  218. The relation of colour charge to electric charge
  219. Super Hero Physics (For a story)
  220. A question About Magnets
  221. Gravity: Theory or Law?
  222. individual human suit for flying
  223. Recomendations of some good books
  224. Permeability constant of an iron core in an electromagnet?
  225. Relativity theory and gravitational force
  226. Which is more interesting and beneficial among Engineering Math and Engineering Physic?
  227. Physics notes
  228. ozone hole
  229. Pushrod that is 1 AU long
  230. The Theory of General Relativity Theory and the Big Bang
  231. Ethical question
  232. hellp,,,,,,,,,,
  233. Desalinization using geothermal energy
  234. General thoughts on black holes
  235. Mirror under microscope...
  236. gravition
  237. Autistic child seen as prodigy
  238. Electrostatics
  239. Quantum Mechanics
  240. Most important piece of scientific knowledge
  241. mcnp monte carlo simulation software
  242. Occupations
  243. The American Civil War and Current Problems
  244. Alcubierre drive effects on time
  245. Top 100 Most Influential Jews to Ever Live
  246. What is going on out there ?
  247. Experimental data normalization
  248. Models Approximations and How to Talk about Physics -- emphasis on relativity
  249. "Hidden in Plain Sight"
  250. Pathological sciences