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  1. practical lab
  2. Are these statements correct?
  3. volumetric efficiency of 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine calculation advice
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  6. Is this correct?
  7. Radar
  8. Wave Motion/Musical Note Frequencies
  9. Frictional force
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  11. Help and Ideas needed.
  12. A person walks to the top of the hill
  13. Find the equivalent resistance.
  14. The water rises
  15. Trigonometric function and Gaussian function integration
  16. Rutherford Scattering Formula
  17. Coulombs Law question
  18. Problem: ScanLine Filling Algorithm
  19. Photoelectric Detectors (Please help)
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  21. Stat Physics
  22. resistors - series circuit. I1=I2=...
  23. Energy and Power
  24. Swedish Math problem i got. Seems to be easy. but not quite....?
  25. Find distance from Final velocity, Acceleration, and Time.
  26. Classical Mechanic Problem
  27. hard e and m
  28. Need help with this circuit diagram.
  29. Which of the following describes fluid pressure against a flat surface?
  30. Diameter Ratio question.
  31. Kind soul required for this question!!
  32. Questions
  33. Problem with solving lens distance.
  34. Help in speed please
  35. Help in pendulm problem please
  36. Please help me with my work problem please
  37. Homework Help- Friction forces
  38. Hw help!
  39. Very Simple Pulley Question
  40. Requesting help for this question
  41. Simple motion equation
  42. Convervation of Energy homework question : Math Equation
  43. To find Lx of a Linear combination of wave function of hydrogen atom
  44. [Electromagnetism] Analyze the forces in this one.
  45. Need Help NOW
  46. Centripetal Force Lab Questions?
  47. Sirs, This is for a friend
  48. Dark Matter, calculating missing mass
  49. Find the current..Kindly Help!
  50. Finding temperature of phase transition
  51. Mechanics Help
  52. Tautochrone Problem
  53. Mechanics Problem (Connected Objects)
  54. College physics!!
  55. Tension Problem
  56. Question in physics for my homework
  57. Please help me - ex. in astrophysics with delta function :-(
  58. Basic HP question
  59. Coulomb's Law
  60. Projectile prediction in unkown gravity
  61. show divergence transforms as scalar in R2 under rotations
  62. Physics 102
  63. velocity of a particle on a moving sphere.
  64. Urgent! Project for Physics Class!
  65. oxygen cylinder leakage
  66. convexity (simplex)
  67. physics hw.plzz help
  68. question..plz help to solve
  69. role of maxwell equation in telecommunication ..
  70. Question on notation in "differential forms and connections"
  71. Full-wave antenna
  72. Angular Acceleration of a Rigid Bar
  73. Science of superheroes
  74. How do you use source transformation to simplify the circuit?
  75. Is this the correct way to find the impedance of the load ?
  76. Calculating work
  77. Mass in the middle of a long string
  78. Ropes
  79. The evolution of a pulse
  80. Model procedure for solving physics problems
  81. College homework
  82. Velocity of melting ice cream
  83. Lumped Capitance Method (Calculating temp. + heat transfer)
  84. Time lost
  85. READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING - Homework Help Guidelines