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  1. Law of large Numbers and Standard Deviation
  2. Leibniz Notation vs Lagrangian Notation
  3. Linear Algebra in High School?
  4. Math Game sites
  5. probability in computer hearts
  6. Normal matter * sqrt of Speed of light= Dark matter
  7. |x|
  8. x^i?
  9. Orhogonal Functions
  10. Derivative function
  11. Not so smart question about exponential stuff
  12. Beal's conjecture conjecture
  13. Not so smart question about linear stuff
  14. Transversal submanifolds
  15. Has anyone else ever come across this # before? 1.234567896 -10
  16. hypersurfaces of minkowski space
  17. Not Able to Understand Perspective Projection Equations
  18. Prob with Bezier Curve Mathematical Example
  19. Restriction of pseudo riemannian metric
  20. Bezeir Blending functions: one to one correspondence with Bezeir Curve
  21. Elements of Bezeir Curve Equation
  22. Problem with oblique projection derivation
  23. Difference: Point inside and on a plane
  24. Particle distribution in water
  25. Frequency Tensor
  26. Mathematical Modelling ( steady states)
  27. Random Numbers
  28. Transforming a unit square into a parallelogram
  29. Traceless matrices
  30. Factorial of zer0?
  31. Using the product rule for a partial derivative of a matrix / vector function...
  32. Area under a curve
  33. Regarding the Autocovariance Function (Time Series Analysis)
  34. Sine Wave
  35. 2nd Order ODE "Contradiction"?
  36. Insanely hard differential equation
  37. Miracle equation that can outwit str
  38. Hilbert space
  39. Geometric Interpretation of Exterior Derivative ?
  40. Epsilon-Delta Limits for a Problem
  41. How can i calculate Mortgage at the end of the year??
  42. Rounding numbers in binary representation?
  43. Problem with the expansion of integration by parts
  44. Question about square roots!
  45. Research Mathematicians
  46. Differentiating f(-x)?
  47. Differentiating f(-x)
  48. Bivariate gaussians for ion beam optics
  49. Riemann Hypothesis
  50. Mirror image inversion in the 4th dimension.
  51. Quantifying Energy
  52. Mathematics to Physics
  53. Vector fields, tensor fields etc
  54. A brief overvew of mathematics and suggested referencees
  55. Abstract Algebra Textbook
  56. Question about simplifying physics equations!?
  57. Levi-Civita Density
  58. The road ahead
  59. Question on how to efficiently compute a jacobian..
  60. Simple integral?