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  1. "Gravitational Lens" may refute much of rapidly expanding universe theory
  2. Stephen Phillips Theory of Subquarks
  3. Under my arm (subtitle = the human antenna)
  4. String theory for Grade 6 Kids
  5. Carbon based Life vs. Plasma based Life.
  6. We have come from the light, the place where the light came into being of itself.
  7. Abbas suggests a deeper relationship between quarks and leptons
  8. Electric Charge in the Standard Model of particle physics
  9. God particle a threat to universe ,said Stephen Hawking
  10. SPLIT : 07Cauchy's Ideas
  11. What is Time? For GerryN in particular!
  12. Does Differential Altitudinal Muon Decay prove SR?
  13. The speed of light in various mediums, and dielectric constants.
  14. How can 299792458 m/s be different to 299792458 m/s ?
  15. Monty Python and the CMB Argument? 2.718 ~ 2.725
  16. My universal theory
  17. Dark Energy Stars?
  18. Personal hypothesis for the explanation of particle-wave duality
  19. Space time in the universe is limited or unlimited ?
  20. Hypersphere Cosmology
  21. Magnets and Special Relativity
  22. My stupid question
  23. SPLIT : Farsight's Comments
  24. Not your average Big Bang theory...
  25. Doppler Ensemble Theory of Light
  26. Thermodynamics in Physics
  27. Gravity and particles are not the same thing?
  28. Speed of light in a different universe?
  29. Ground Potential
  30. SPLIT : StevenS's Idea
  31. What is the geometry of the fundamental quantum fractal that governs our perceived universe?
  32. Facts vs. proposal theory, the ratio of 4 forces
  33. Thought Experiment to Refute the Relativity of Simultaneity
  34. MarkMason's Conundrum.
  35. Aether Theory with Experimental Verification. Pioneer Anomaly
  36. Hot Dog in Space (Relativity Experiment)
  37. The theory of everything
  38. In a double slit experiment it is the dark matter that waves
  39. The Three Generations of Quarks are directly Related to Dark energy and Dark matter
  40. Passing of time in Bolzmann's entropy curve. Is it all wrong?
  41. c as the speed of light and the speed of sound in Michelson-Morley.
  42. The original "frozen star" black hole interpretation is correct after all
  43. Gravity resulting from lensing
  44. Time Dilation and Gravity
  45. On Gravity, Time and Dark Matter....
  46. mC^2=sqrt of (DE^2 * DM^2)+(m^2 * C^4) Unification?
  47. Drawing Boards...
  48. The God's eye global gist of general relativity
  49. How much photosynthesis must the plant-life on earth do to have enough oxygen in the atmosphere to sustain LIFE??
  50. How the gravity works .
  51. The Varying Speed of Light
  52. Black Holes and Superconductivity
  53. The(sqrt of the mass of the up quark) * 2 = "the sqrt of 2 constant" =.141421
  54. Crux Of Cosmos
  55. Refute Space-time concept
  56. Trying to Formulate New Addition for Particle Accelerators to Have Complete and Stable Nuclear Fusion
  57. Cosmology
  58. Why does Normal matter= Dark energy times Dark matter squared, m=DE(DM^2) ?
  59. new universal theory. please read all
  60. 1thierry's Personal Ideas
  61. Cause of Gravity
  62. Why do we need matter antimatter collisions in the Big Bang model?
  63. Creating gravitational field by bending of light ray or changing the direction of travelling photons:
  64. Dark Matter Hypothesis
  65. Everybody's Got a Theory
  66. Matter is stationary?
  67. An agnostic approach to science
  68. Coulomb Potential Energy
  69. The Virtual Absolute.
  70. Redshift and the Curvature of Space
  71. Humans Don't Come From Earth?
  72. chemist
  73. Bootstrap Experiment- Big Bang
  74. Stuck In Time
  75. The Experiment of Fizeau demonstrates Einstein's Insincerity
  76. Science of Conflict( Separate realities??)
  77. The philosophy behind relativity and what is to replace it
  78. Tfolzo directory assistance
  79. Ethics Of Terraforming
  80. Plasma Cosmology (the non-Einstein-Relativity version)
  81. The Hafele-Keating Experiments and Clock Rates
  82. TFOLZO's Personal Theories
  83. Debunking SR Once and For All
  84. TFOLZO's Personal Theories
  85. Everett's Hypothesis
  86. Non-dimensional particle.
  87. Map of Reality Launched: Revolutionary Findings on Role and Impact of Time
  88. M (as in "mirror) theory
  89. My idea about the Universe.