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  1. Can one compose a ‘Transverse Field Ising Spin’-compatible Super Hamiltonian?
  2. Is Quantum Physics a form of biology that originated because of evolution?
  3. capacitors in series and parallel
  4. Ehrenfest's Theorem
  5. Quantum Physics, Depth Psychology, and Beyond
  6. Chaotic pilot-wave dynamics
  7. Spectroscopy: Why do we see spectral LINES, not something like circles or triangles?
  8. Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser
  9. Why is Planck's Constant routinely divided by 2•pi?
  10. How do charge create it's static electric field ?
  11. Experiment May Determine Whetehr We Live in a Holographic Universe
  12. Path Integrals and Topology
  13. What is boson higgs?
  14. What is dark matter make of?
  15. Does wormhole exist?
  16. The speed of the force of nature?
  17. What light really is?
  18. some question about path integral
  19. Proportionality of J and n energy levels
  20. Why do light pressure exist?
  21. Why can't we tell exactly location of a electron moving through out space but only its probability?
  22. Calculate the threshold wavelength of the metal.
  23. How much more evidence does one need?
  24. Alternative to the Copenhagen interpretation
  25. Question about simulation world...
  26. Questions about Quantum erasure with causally disconnected choice
  27. a common question
  28. Quantum Scattering
  29. Does this address a major intrest ?
  30. Quantum Simple Harmonic Oscillator
  31. 1/h as a coupling constant
  32. Question about Quarks
  33. Imaginary Partition function
  34. Piezoelectric effect
  35. POVM elements
  36. how to find diagonal Component in the basis
  37. Science is Magic
  38. Quantum Fluctuations
  39. Could this be an example of how matter can be squared or the square root of matter is conceivable ?
  40. Spins
  41. how real is ZPE (for quantum fields)
  42. A quantum paradox?
  43. Hardy Paradox - Could Electrons and Positrons be Used Experimentally
  44. Superposition in the Macro World - Why Not?
  45. The one only Richard Feynman
  46. double slit experiment
  47. What in the blue blazes is AdS/CFT Correspondence?
  48. A question in QFT of Weinberg
  49. Does modern Quantum Theory make sense?
  50. I would like a discussion on the merit of this "Unified theory"
  51. Cause and Effect
  52. AdS/CFT Duality, or ADS/CFT Correspondence and the Holographic Principle
  53. A question about Schrodinger's cat
  54. Faux Qubit
  55. Does time exist?
  56. Does Unitarity Imply T Symmetry Modulo CP?
  57. Entangled Particle Behavior
  58. Protons and neutrons
  59. Question on why Quantum yield needs to be constant across different absorption wavelengths to enable determination of Abs. X-section
  60. F=ma
  61. Time symmetric quantum mechanics
  62. Measurement of Spin
  63. Spin transfer Torque Random Access Memory (STT-RAM)
  64. nucler physics
  65. If electrons became a little bit heavier than they are now, would you shrink or grow?
  66. What does a photon look like and is it different from a photon with a wavelength the size of the universe?
  67. The spinor equation
  68. Please help....
  69. Fermions v Bosons
  70. Eigenvalues
  71. photoelectric current dependence on potential difference
  72. Quantum Cheshire Cats
  73. projection operator
  74. particle place
  75. Big Bang and Quantum Physics
  76. KE = KbT or 3/2 KbT??
  77. Prerequisite String Theory
  78. Probability of different eigenvalue
  79. Examples of a "quantum event"?
  80. Bell Inequalities question
  81. Hydrogen spectrum
  82. Metallic hydrogen?
  83. Quark And W boson beams
  84. Double split experiment question
  85. A thought experiment with Electrostatic forces.
  86. light behaviour in vaccum
  87. Universe doesn't know in advance?
  88. I have a question about eigenstates of an operator.
  89. Photosynthesis, superposition, and collapse
  90. light quanta
  91. "Solutions Manual To Accompany Quantum Electronics", Yariv
  92. Question
  93. A key concept: superposition of states.
  94. can light gain mass by lossing energy when it moves in a strong gravitational field.
  95. Quantum computing: a qubit is both 0 and 1 at the same time!?
  96. Is gravity an electromagnetic phenominal?
  97. Question re: many worlds interpretation
  98. Quantum Entanglement: Is it possible to actually alter the Past?
  99. Prerequisites for quantum mechanics
  100. quantum information processing
  101. Question about Dirac equation?
  102. What makes QFT and GR incompatible?
  103. Question about wave functions?
  104. What does quantum mean?
  105. Quantum Computing
  106. How does Quantum Entanglement work?
  107. Physical Properties of Particles
  108. What does intrinsic spin mean?
  109. Van der Waals force (Lenard-Jones)
  110. Qcd
  111. Question about conservation of momentum!?
  112. only one universe
  113. Valid reason to reject the Bohr model?
  114. What is the difference continouos and discrete superpositions?
  115. Explanation behind Moseley's Law
  116. History of Planck's equation(s)
  117. can something be in paris and austalia at the same time ?
  118. Experimental results indicate revision in the size of the proton
  119. Time machine in a medium
  120. Matter-Antimatter Flop?
  121. Confused about E!
  122. Quantum physics in a computer?
  123. Second Quantization
  124. Does a particle at rest behave like a wave?
  125. Phase Velocity of Matter
  126. Frequency and Wavelength
  127. Phase Velocity of Light
  128. Is Light's Phase Velocity Always C?
  129. Photons And Electromagnetic Waves
  130. Quantum Entaglement
  131. Vacuum Expectation Value
  132. String Theory: Energy strings and string collisions
  133. Pauli Exclusion Principle
  134. Hypothesizing the future: Quantum physics 1
  135. Indirect collapse of the wave function
  136. Transparency and Refraction