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  1. Parallax
  2. I need your help:
  3. Big rip
  4. Where do I begin?
  5. numerical value for $delta_0$
  6. How long will 1m of space be next year?
  7. Black hole
  8. Age of the universe
  9. Speed of Light - Can it Change?
  10. Vertical Travelling taking Advantage of Earths Rotation
  11. question about Hawking radiation
  12. Inflationary Cosmology
  13. How would water behave in heavy gravity?
  14. Newton's Third Law on the Big Bang, Time Dilation of Black Holes, Black Holes Themselves, and Dark Matter Formation
  15. Brown Dwarf accretion
  16. Can dark matter be an unobservable potential energy?
  17. What Could the Matter of Dark Matter Be?
  18. The mass (x) energy modulator
  19. Dirac and Anderson
  20. Big Bang / Black Hole
  21. Observable Universe
  22. Star at the edge of the universe
  23. hawking radiation
  24. How do we know that black holes form?
  25. Question on Dark Energy
  26. Reversed Gravity?
  27. How many hairs on a Black Hole
  28. Is it possible that the gravitional force is negative after some R
  29. Black hole in uniform mass density
  30. Einstein's equations
  31. Can we go to other universe?
  32. Is Negative energy real?
  33. Why does the universe expand ?
  34. Just Coincidence?
  35. Black hole eventually turn into Whitehole ?
  36. The moon's orbit
  37. Physics Philosophy - Dark Matter
  38. Is there Dark Matter in our solar system?
  39. Galaxies moving away from us at speeds greater than the speed of light.
  40. How do I disprove our universe doesn’t have a fixed size?
  41. Need some information on the current Big Bang theories.
  42. The bottom 4.9% of a Super Massive Gravity Well - and a conservation of energy and matter.
  43. How come Light can not escape a Black hole
  44. Questions about Hubble's law
  45. The total mass of the up and down quark=7.2, and 7.2*DE=4.9
  46. The beggining of the planet orbit
  47. Passing of time in Bollzmann's entropy curve
  48. Net force of gravity in the universe, a paradox?
  49. MOND is it frame dragging?
  50. H2 as dark matter
  51. Dark Matter Technology
  52. kuiper belt ?
  53. Has the "Axis of Evil" been resolved yet?
  54. question about Hawking radiation
  55. Bianchi IX
  56. Does Dark Matter repel other dark matter?
  57. The gravitational field and optical
  58. About spacetime warping and gravity
  59. Higgs field polarity and galaxy spin
  60. When a nuetron decays, an electron shoots away at the speed of light, and also an anti-nuetrino, it too at the speed of light. What is the speed of the proton produced?
  61. How does the universe start?
  62. Bicep2
  63. Two particles traveling apart in an infinite universe
  64. Questions in astrophysics.
  65. Torque in Microgravity
  66. Tectonic Activity vs. Magnetic Field Strength
  67. Archaic Crust Theory of Continents
  68. Age of the Universe II
  69. Why is space infinite?
  70. Space and Earth boundary
  71. Orbital Path Caculations
  72. Falling "into" a blackhole, what happens ?
  73. What if we lived inside of a black hole?
  74. How do we define "space"?
  75. Is the universe leaking energy (Scientific American article)
  76. Crossing Magnetic Fields
  77. In the beginning...
  78. Planck Space
  79. What would a black hole look like turned inside out?
  80. Size of the Universe
  81. Questions about time dilation and gravity
  82. Kepler field
  83. FTL Travel causality violation?
  84. The Theory of Gravity
  85. Balance of Four forces.
  86. Just a passing thought; Teleportation, Time travel.
  87. Basic Questions
  88. Save the Universe
  89. A Global Measure on a Gravitational System
  90. A theory on the origin of the universe
  91. An alternative hypothesis to explain 'the expanding universe'...
  92. My idea about the Universe.
  93. Star formation activity and SMBH activity
  94. Does lack of Mass Create Time ????
  95. Hexagonal Storm on Saturn
  96. When there was nothing in motion?
  97. Does time expand with space?
  98. What causes Red shift?
  99. Blackhole Dark Energy
  100. Black hole reflectors?
  101. Not string theory
  102. questions about black holes, paradox at every turn
  103. Space within BackHoles
  104. Question on Gravity, Big Bang, Dark Energy and Black Holes
  105. Just a theory black holes
  106. Expansion of the cosmos - I'm confused !!
  107. My philosophy about space and time, in line with the principle of relativity (can be totally wrong)
  108. I need help with a science question
  109. Does an infinite universe have infinite matter?
  110. everything getting farther away from everything else
  111. New radiation ring around Earth
  112. Can This Be The Solution To The Baryon Asymmetry Problem?
  113. Can This Problem Be Solved?
  114. I am Asking - Is this a POSSIBLE Scenario
  115. Why is Dark Matter neglected in star formation models?
  116. How far back can we go in the age of the Universe as we see further out into space?
  117. The universe is flat, what does this mean for gravity?
  118. Mass of Black Hole
  119. PhD astronomy in Australia
  120. Is the universe a hologram?
  121. YouTube Channel for Astrophysics
  122. Reason the Universe may be seem to be expanding at an accelerated rate
  123. Mass of Universe
  124. Doppler Red SHIFT it is not all what we can measure
  125. Debate with a friend, who is correct?
  126. new furthest galaxy found
  127. Red shift dilemma.
  128. The New Cosmology
  129. Foundations of Modern Cosmology
  130. Hypothesizing the future: Astrophysics 1